Mar 12, 2008

The Grouch – Show You the World, in stores April 8th


The Grouch - Show You the WorldAlmost three years in the making, Show You the World, the Grouch’s first solo record in five year is slated to drop Aril 8th on Legendary Music. The 15-track album features guest appearances from Raphael Saadiq, MURS, Mike Marshall (Timex Social Club), Abstract Rude, Marty James (One Block Radius) and fellow Living Legends members Bicasso and Scarub.

01. Microphone Intro
02. Watch Watch (featuring Mike Marshall)
03. Clones
04. Artsy
05. Favorite Folks
06. Yardwork
07. God Bless The Elephant (featuring Abstract Rude)
08. Show You The World (featuring Raphael Saadiq)
09. The Bay To LA ( Featuring MURS)
10. Mom & Pop Killer
11. Never Die
12. Shero
13. Bring It Back
14. Hot Air Balloons (featuring Bicasso and Scarub)
15. The Time (featuring Marty J)
16. Breath

The Grouch – “Artsy”


  1. I been writing grouch off the past few years after seeing a boring live show by him twice now but man the guy is dope on record. this track friggin rules and so does the video, dopeas hell.

  2. doctor who?

    Dooooope video. Dope song. Im a big fan of this man, and I been waiting on another solo for awhile. If anyone hasn’t heard Heroes in the City of Dope yet (full length from him and Zion I), find a way to do so, because it’s some of the best I’ve heard from both of them.

  3. ira lee

    this is cick. I’m excited for this project. what a dope song.

  4. heywoodjablome??

    grouch is dope on wax
    sucks live
    this album should be ill tho

  5. ira lee

    i fucking LOVE THIS SONG. and video.

    dopest chorus ever.

  6. heywoodjablome??

    this song is very dope the video is ill
    this is the best grouch song i have heard in a long time.

  7. metawon


  8. turkworkey

    this video is sick and the best grouch track I’ve heard in a while

    this is the best rap video I’ve seen in a while
    wow who directed it?

  9. visualorgasms.

    best video ive ever seen.

  10. ginsberg

    word up. This video is dope. I agree with heywood…best grouch song in a long while. lovin’ this.

  11. von christoph

    why do i already have a (pirated) copy of this song?

  12. IP

    I gotta look out for this!

  13. jayoh fellonious

    that song and video are FUCKING NICE! Reminds me of that video “Oh No!” with Mos Def, Nate Dogg and Pharohe Monche.

  14. Thanks for the props, I directed the video. I’ve done most of the legends album artwork through the years. The last I did was LL Classic and all of Grouch’s except for this new one. But my first music video for any of them. Glad folks a re feeling it. Check the rest of my work at: &

  15. T-Train

    Super dope track. What are the above dudes smoking? Whoever says Grouch is wack live should give their head a shake cause that shit is blasphemous, he would’nt be where he is if his shows were wack dude. Stick to Hilllary Duff if you want sparklers & cartwheels meh’.

  16. Yeah, that’s a well done video…

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