Jul 14, 2008

The Gumshoe Strut, New Album and New Label


The Gumshoe Strut - SideWalk

The Gumshoe Strut is ready to break out of the shadows with his new project, SideWalk. The album, which will be available as a download by donation this August on his and Pip Skid’s new Marathon of Dope imprint, will mark a new era for the artist who has been known for his honest rhymes and marching rythms. SideWalk features a strong supporting cast, including appearances by Pip Skid, Birdapres and Yy of Peanuts & Corn Records, Azrael of Imaginations Treetrunk, Forgetful Jones of Side Road Records, and Saratonin.

1. Rock Steady
2. Beats! featuring Pip Skid & Yy
3. Bourgeoisie
4. Wants Might Get featuring Birdapres
5. The Hot Is On The Left featuring Pip Skid & Yy
6. People So Cold (No Hellos)
7. All Out featuring Saratonin
8. Heard You Were Dead featuring Azrael
9. Bourgeoisie (Premix) featuring Forgetful Jones

marathonofdope.com (Launching August 2008)


  1. These dudes have been holdin’ out on me! Gotta listen to these joints when I get home (stupid firewall).

  2. ceej

    Can’t wait for this! “Beats!” is really really dope!

  3. epic

    fuckin awesome can’t wait to hear this.

  4. Royal-T

    how have i not already heard of this haha. dope shit looking forward to it.

  5. GumShoe Cares deeply about music, works on it all the time, and it shows.

  6. Timbulb

    Nice to see saratonin still singing.

  7. YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. These best are real tight, dope shit.

  9. vaj-i-null hips

    yo I love the Dj Premier and moondog drops. good on ye!

  10. Nolto

    These two songs are incredible.
    I am looking forward to this release.

  11. max prime

    can’t way to see what this label pumps out. thats a dope lineup.

  12. shoes

    good call on the moondog, you’ll also enjoy “The Hot Is On The Left” too in that case!

    Pip Skid will be dropping his Pip Donahue Remix project at the same time as SideWalk. Both will be available as free downloads or by donation in very early August! Physical copies will also be available. I may have some @ Summer Fling if its finished.

    Just to clarify, Marathon Of Dope is not necessarily a label (but could be in certain cases), but more of a imprint/website that will be dedicated to hosting new and past releases by certain artists for download (either by set price, free or by donation).

    Thanks for the feedback ya’ll. I am excited to come visit and rap the new shit in your backyards!

  13. chadp

    good news!

    gumshoe will be rocking a show with us in vancity on august 11th at the lamplighter!

    50 fingers will be out one day!!!

  14. g-ride

    peg-city stand up

  15. azzy

    fuckin’ eh
    beats! is crazy
    cant wait for august

    50 Fingers!

  16. Reefill

    Nice to hear new stuff. Way to work shoe.

  17. these songs are fucking dope

  18. Doz

    word this is good

    cant wait to hear it ….

  19. Rhek

    What the hell is a Birdapres?

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