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May 3, 2012

The Netherworlds – Pals

The Netherworlds - Pals

Free download of this 2001 classic, with two hidden bonus tracks.

Full album plus two hidden tracks (one exclusive to this version of “Pals”). Stream tracks individually; complete album download available for a limited time only.

This is a certified classic album produced and co-executive produced by Anacron at the turn of the century. It features some of the best and brightest artists in music from multiple eras, and is undoubtedly one of the most essential albums to be considered for any true underground fan’s collection. While constantly heralded as one of the best albums out of the west coast rap scene, and unquestionably the root of inspiration for many currently flourishing artists, it’s become a memory in the minds of most; highly unattainable in any tangible form.

This album was created, produced, written, and recorded from start to finish in 7 days of artistic mastery in late 2000. Recorded to tape on a reel-to-reel, the original rustic quality of this project has been preserved through minimal remastering for digital download. Released in early 2001, this is a piece of music history that must be shared equally with those that once appreciated and loved it, as well as those that remain unaware that it ever existed.

“This album is classic underground gold… If you haven’t heard Anacron’s production, then you are up for a treat. He is super solid on the beats and these three make an unbeatable team.” – Access Hip Hop

“…for all those that only trust the written word: this is dope. Dope in an universal kind of way, and even doper for those that enjoy the left coast mentality, blueprint and ways of doing things.” – Urban Smarts

“This is an album that will satisfy any hip hop head’s appetite… this album provides hard beats leaves the listener with a sense that the three really are pals.” – Galapagos 4

“Anacron and Himself come real on this album and dont dissapoint. Anacron’s production is great and is a must have. All the songs are hits” – Amazon.com
released 02 February 2001
All tracks produced by Anacron except where noted.
All instrumentation and programming by Anacron except where noted.
All songs written and performed by The Netherworlds except where noted.

Turntablism on “Fat Boys” by Jesse De La Pena
Flugelhorn on “Abandoned (No Love)” by Ron Haynes of The Ohio Players
“Friday Nite Special” written and performed by Krystal Ashe
“Sonovaguns” produced by Justin Tewn
Turntablism on “Balls To The Wall” by The OG Daze
Trumpet on “Futura” by Ron Haynes of The Ohio Players
Turntablism on “Cali Souled Out” by The OG Daze
“A Love Ballad” produced by PNS of Molemen
Alto saxophone on “A Love Ballad” by Anacron
Electric bass on “A Love Ballad” by The Grifter
“Come Back Home” produced by Whitelightning
Vocal performance on “Lessons Learned” by Gwendolyn The Good Witch
Electric guitar on “Three” by Ari Jahfee of The Peanut Gallery
Vocal performance on “Three” by PNS of Molemen