Apr 17, 2008

The Roots – “Birthday Girl” feat. Sasha Grey [video]


Third Roots video from the forthcoming Rising Down (April 25th), although this song is rumored to have been cut from the album. Directed by Rik Cordero and featuring Adult Film Star / Performance Artist, Sasha Grey. And on another Sasha Grey + hip hop related note, check out this recent interview with her here, by none other than Aesop Rock.


  1. Avatar Ness

    Thanks for posting the interview. “Sexual Athletes”, I’ve always been a fan of that phrase. I’ve always seen the good porn stars as exactly that. They keep themselves in top shape but can only stay on top for sooo long in terms of physical performance and film appearances. Good to read about people trying to make a difference in that industry.

    El Negro read that shit.

    Fuck “Birthday Girl” ( Not in a good way)!

  2. Avatar Ness

    I should clarify that the song is sucks but Rik did it up again. His Roots videos are killin’ it.

  3. Avatar Balzac

    such a terrible song. although i’ve read that they aren’t going to include the track on the north american release due to the backlash on the internet. I also read that they were forced by their lable to make one of these types of songs and if left up to them it never would have been created.

    dope sasha grey is in the vid, she’s a freak.

  4. Avatar Countturrack

    wierd song.

    i like sasha grey…

  5. Avatar stinson

    im actually feeling this song and video. its got a feel good/creep vibe.

  6. @ Ness: I definitely will read that. I also heartily recommend her three part “Shot By Kern” interview at VBS (Google that shit).
    I saw this vid earlier in the week…Rik Cordero is killin’ it. He made that song somewhat palatable.

  7. Avatar Lovely

    This video wouldn’t work all the way through for me,
    can’t wait for the album to drop next week.
    1 luv

  8. Avatar max prime

    yeah, the beat’s not really for me.

    the message the video itself is giving is kinda interesting actually
    but maybe thats just me

  9. Avatar bobby

    sasha grey is the hottest porn star ever

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