June 27, 2017

Third Verse: Episode 14 – Thesis Sahib

Third Verse: Episode 14 – Thesis Sahib
Illustration by 319 Heads

We spoke with London Ontario artist and mc Thesis Sahib. This was a really fun and interesting talk about surfing the Great Lakes, a graffiti jam/free wall in London, community, art, sampling, his early beginnings as a fan of hip hop and transition to mc. This episode probably could have gone on forever as Thesis is one of the most interesting, smart, talented people out there. Enjoy!

Tacks featured in this episode:
Les Swashbuckling Napoleons- Just So You Know – Fuck
Awards-What’s Up Money – Futuristic Jokes
Thesis Sahib – Inside Voices – Loved Ones
Thesis Sahib – New Same Old – Before the End