Third Verse: Episode 34 – More Or Les

We sat down with More or Les of the Backburner crew and ran the gamut of his career, from his come up as a DJ to his latest release 'Nerd Love.'

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The Library Steps (Jesse Dangerously + Ambition) – Rap Dad, Real Dad

New project from Backburner crew members Jesse Dangerously and producer Ambition, out now on Hand'Solo Records (Cassette/CD/Digital).

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Third Verse: Episode 16 – Jesse Dangerously

Speaking with Halifax rap legend Jesse Dangerously, on the line from Ottawa Ontario. Talking about Halifax rap history, Backburner Crew, the early days of rap on the internet, and more.

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Third Verse: Episode 14 – Thesis Sahib

We spoke with London Ontario artist and mc Thesis Sahib about surfing the Great Lakes, a graffiti jam/free wall in London, community, art, sampling, his beginnings as a fan of hip hop and transition to mc.

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Third Verse: Episode 5 – Chokeules

We spoke with mc Chokeules of Toolshed, Backburner and Swamp Thing fame about London Hip Hop, the 40 year old Vegan, new projects and the creative process.

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Backburner – “Bottle Caps” Video + Eclipse LP

Video for a Beatmason produced track off of Backburner’s new Eclipse LP, which is out now on Hand’Solo Records.

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Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules, Savilion) – Outer Limits

New LP from Toronto’s Swamp Thing, produced by Savilion, out now on Urbnet. Featuring Ghettosocks, D-Sisive, Wordburglar, Birdapres, Def3, Ambition, and ...

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The Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester)

Catching up with Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester of The Extrementies and Canada's legendary Backburner crew.

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Timbuktu – “Lead By Example”

New video from Timbuktu's 'Stranger Danger'. Directed by Caley MacLennan.

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Wordburglar – 3rdburglar

Wordburglar’s new album is out now. Featuring production from Fresh Kils, Beatmason, Timbuktu and Uncle Fes. Guest appearances from Riddlore, ...

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Wordburglar – “Rhyme O’Clock” feat. More or Les

Video for the first single from the 3rdburglar LP, dropping May 2012. Beat by Fresh Kils. Cuts by Uncle Fes. Directed ...

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“Heatwave” – Backburner (Thesis, Timbuktu, Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, Chokeules & Jay Bizzy)

Video for the title track from Backburner's Heatwave album. Directed by 3:AM Design.

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