Oct 31, 2011

Thirstin Howl The 3rd – “Natural Born Skiller” feat. Unique London


Video for the title track from Thirstin’s new album Natural Born Skiller. Directed by Skillusions Films.

via grandgood


  1. Avatar Balzac

    lol. “eminem took this rap shit without no warning/ wasn’t mad when he didn’t come back for me”.

    thirsten is awesome, glad to hear a new album is on the way.

  2. Avatar nate dee-oh-double-gizee

    ya thirstin howl III is always dope… never heard a wack line from him, and even if it was it’d still be great, he’s one of those never-do-wrong typa characters

  3. “Shit where I eat and lick the bowl”

    That’s fucking crazy! Gotta agree with Nate… Thirstin is always dope and has too many wicked lines. Can’t wait to check out this album.

  4. Avatar Royal-T

    one of my faves ever. thirsty’s a beast always, one of the funniest rappers there is

  5. Avatar The r

    Dope track, the thing I didn’t like was the recycling of one of his greatest lines of all time…”shit where I eat…” Can’t remember what track its from, but it was doper than this one. Spitboxers maybe? Spitler!!! But this shits ill too.

  6. Avatar Punkbastard Plex

    I love that guitar at the beginning of the vid.

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