Jan 22, 2009

Two Fingers [video]


Studio footage of Sway recording “Straw Men” with Two Fingers at Planet Studios, Montreal.

Two FingersTwo Fingers are Amon Tobin and Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman. The pair met when Tobin lived in Brighton and bonded over an interest in music that ran way beyond the boundaries of “electronica”. Last year, while Tobin was living in Montreal, they began bouncing beats back and forth, trying to apply production techniques associated with UK styles like drum & bass to the template of hip hop. When they had a few tunes together they sent them to North London MC Sway. He was so taken with what they were doing, he flew straight out to Montreal and recorded seven tracks with them. The remaining rhythms were voiced by sometime Missy protégé Ms Jade and dancehall legend Cecile.

The first single, ‘What You Know’ featuring Sway, is out now with the album dropping March/April on Big Dada/Paper Bag Records.

For more info check out: twofingersmusic.com


  1. ceej

    i’m diggin’ this track

  2. max prime

    dope. reminds my of k-the-i. maybe even better

  3. jawns be

    interesting shit.

  4. i never saw a comparison between sway and kiki. i was thought they were completely different.

  5. ceej

    Yeah i don’t think this Sway guy sounds like k-the-i, although on certain songs i think k-the-i and vast aire sound similar.

  6. dope beat. but kiki absolutely destroys this guy.

  7. rollie

    would never compare k-the-i??? and sway

    that said, this record is fucking sick

  8. max prime

    ok i get the point already

  9. epic

    kiki if you see this I will message you soon :)

  10. sadr

    max, i actually found it really interesting that you compared them though… i should have stated that. i actually looked at sway differently after you said that.

  11. max prime

    well in all honesty they are different. it was overall an ignorant thing for me to say. I’m just not that well educated on the styles of rap that come out of mush and big dada camps other than what gets posted on ugsmag or the endemik board, so i interpreted it based on the immediate similarities. i shouldn’t have said one was ‘maybe better’, cause k-the-i is absolutely sick with it and wayy better than the average artist.

  12. it’s always all good max!!!!!!!

    i really like this beat.

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