March 30, 2011

V8 – “Dukakis Debachery”

Dope new V8 video for an Ira Atari produced track from Paramanu Recordings Descendants of Decay Vol. 1 mixtape. Video directed by Paul John.

7 Responses

  1. Thank you truly. It’s for you, you know. I’ve decided to keep this track off of the Paramanu mixtape and keep it dearly to my brother Shortrock’s and I follow up LP to All Terrain Bathroom Tile entitled “I love Horses” which features Ceschi, Vyle, Masai Bey, Autobot, Teddy Faley, Sole, A.M. Breakups, Walter Gross, and mad other artists and family I throughly enjoy and respect. Without my good friend and boss Paul John and his genius this video/short film would have never been possible. We’ve been building at midnight cinema for years. This is what we do when have the time and no money held over our heads via work you know? Just Happy we had the time to do what we felt like doing at the moment that we made it. I almost froze my ass off. Thank you.

  2. what up brother Brzo. I’ll be in NY in June. Making my way up north don’t trip lord. TFD 2064a.g.

    V8 As Troy Witherspoon & Shortrock As Bobby Mariano presents…
    All Terrain Bathroom Tile: Theories On Procreation, Chemical Science, and The Draconian Law.