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April 20, 2015

V8 – Vampire Eater

New free release with appearances by Radioinactive, Vyle, Ira Atari, Skech 185, Orel and productions by Brenmar, Morbidly-O-Beats , K-The-I???, A.M. Breakups, and more…

“Vampire Eater is a collection of stories that began in the Summer of 2000. Unmixed and unmastered cold and dark dirt. Recorded either in a shower or a moist basement, and always rightfully affected by intoxicants and mood choices; perhaps when I thought depression wasn’t this horrid and lethal disease. Since some of these paintings range as recent as last Fall, I can begin to feel all of the scars on my tongue being freshly ripped open into new wounds. I do know that however indifferent two people may be, I can still shit into both of my hands. I am made to be a slave to my own lack of shame. I wanna cry into your mouth. I wrote all of these noises for you. “You” being not ”me” we invite each other into another room. We can lay on velvet garbage and listen to one another move. I can introduce you to all of the werewolves I know that eat with silver spoons. This is the 6th and first product-audio-installation of the Vampire Boombox Series. Love Yourself. Worship Yourself. Slave for yourself.”