Apr 2, 2008

Vast Aire – Dueces Wild [tracklisting]


Hold your face, what! No Cannibal Ox reunion, but Vast Aire has a brand new solo record set to drop June 24 on One Records. Notables on the new album include Ox member Vordul Mega on a Pete Rock produced track, Gecchi Suede of Camp Lo, and Copywrite. Production mainly by Brooklyn’s Melodius Monk. [via]


01. You Know (produced by Le Parasite)
02. T.V. Land (produced by Melodius Monk)
03. Take Two (produced by Melodius Monk)
04. The Dynamic Duo f/Gecchi Suede of Camp Lo (produced by Aspet One)
05. Give Me That Mic f/Copywrite (produced by Rocktight)
06. Mecca And The Ox f/Vordul Mega (produced by Pete Rock)
07. Back 2 Basics (produced by Melodius Monk)
08. Lunchroom Rap (It’s Nothing) (produced by Oh No)
09. When Starz Fall f/Double A.B., Thanos, Swave Sevah & Karniege (produced by DJ Priority Musik)
10. The Crush (produced by Falside)
11. Shu (The God of Aire) (produced by Thanos)
12. Graveyard Shift f/Genesis (produced by Melodius Monk)
13. The Infinity War (produced by Thanos)
14. The Man With Out Fear (produced by Melodius Monk)



  1. Balzac

    good news. love can ox. vast is sick.

    heres a link to that pete rock track:

  2. b3ckz


    The version of “The Crush” on Dueces Wild was produced by Thanos of BrotherHood603 NOT Falside.

  3. it’s old and nobody gives a fuck about it but, it’s not Lee Parasite on track #1 but Le Parasite, I know it’s confusing.

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