November 17, 2015

VIDEO: Grand Invincible (DJ Eons One & Luke Sick) – “Yegg”

First single from the new @grandinvincible album, Menace Mode, out now on cassette and digital from Megakut Records.

workin’ in a shit show wages gettin’ low
not-knowers on my nerves tryin’ not to let em know
death more than ever I was dyin’ for the dough
freshest in the spot kept the blunts on the low
scrapin’ out tobacco replace in with the dro
flyin’ off the handle without goin’ ham tho
live on cassette nothin’ more nothin’ less
talk neck it ain’t nothin’ she at home in her sweats
my vets connect snort meth on southwest
collect then jet the first flight they can catch
directs non-stop with the dank inna stash
paranoid as fuck like the plane finnah crash
fuck a vouch you can’t figure out what I’m about
if it still cast doubt then you ain’t on my route
a mouth that just sit and lick blunts on the couch
can’t really say shit when it come right down
“inhale the putrified aroma”
yo, the intimidation is plain
at school you get trained or labeled insane
ya life is tight pockets and loose brains
other worldly notions dismissed cuz it ain’t the right thang
older homies smokin’ naid in the breezeway
unexplained events led to blood on the beat tape
the faces of those that’s shocked and can’t take it
ran every garment they rocked to stand naked
liquor stores that open at six in the a.m.
churches is nervous motherfuckers ain’t obeyin’
the city on gurp cuz shit is so senseless
and lady liberty ain’t a pretty young princess
she’s old and haggard, addicted and wretched
with wounds that fester and very foul stenches
her seeds are in the trenches not trying to protect ’em
step into the cess and you’re leaving here infected

via grandgood