April 20, 2021

Video: Homeboy Sandman – “Monument” (prod. Quelle Chris)

Directed by PAVEL BURYA

Brand new video for one of the best tracks off of Homeboy Sandman’s Quelle Chris produced LP, ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’ on Mello Music Group.

“Monument” had been an entirely different song. It was called “Raisin Bread.” All different verses entirely different hook. It was about making money. Cliché and useless. Once my eyes opened back up I realized the tragedy it would be to waste such an extraordinary beat being so vapid. I started from scratch. The production sounds like triumph. It sounds anthemic. It sounds like stadium rock. So I had an opportunity to not only capture a vision for the album as a whole but for my entire career. Building. Sacrificing. Community. Lasting. Remaining. Pavel and his crew were a gift from God his vision for the video was so powerful. We’d been talking about collaborating for years but the timing was never right but now it was absolutely perfect. The result transcends being monumental, it is a monument unto itself. – Homeboy Sandman