September 7, 2021

Homeboy Sandman – $

New Homeboy Sandman, rapping over the theme song from The Last Of The Mohicans (“Promentory” by Trevor Jones).


This’ll keep monsters at bay
This’ll keep monsters away
When it come to soul, understand Sand isnt gon play
Doing whatcha can’t stand isnt okay
Shirking on your self worth isn’t gon work
But you worried bout your wallet think you gotta go to work
Lemme do you all a solid sit in silence and observe
How to make it stop, drop a bit of knowledge that I’ve learned
Money’s not real
Money’s not love, money’s not clothes, money’s not meals
That’s an idea
Deep inside you feel it in your chest
But you ain’t never had the faith to put it to the test
You’re afraid
You’d rather be a slave
You’re scared to move on to another stage
You just waking up to make some wage
You think somehow it’s gonna keep you safe unscathed
Yeah right
But tryna bribe the stars to realign’s
Become a way of life
It take a rare type
To recognize the theory isn’t really air tight
Money versus destiny is not a fair fight
People think that billionaires are living better lives
You could be a billionaire and wake up paralyzed
You could be a charismatic pauper
And get into everything this planet has to offer
If you weren’t filled with so much doubt
You’d see you could pay for everyone and never run out
You’d see you pay for everything and always have more
All this saving for a rainy day is just a trap door
Tryna take you out the present
You’re happy and you’re healthy then you’ll never be a peasant
We hold these truths to be self evident
You can’t squeeze no life out dead presidents
The illusion of control is on a roll
Make yourself miserable and you’ll avoid this
Make yourself miserable and you can have that
Make other people miserable, pay off all the principal
Distracted from everything that you passionate about
Burning crashing for the cash in your account
No wonder when you off clock all you do is sit on the couch
You been suckered into bugging out
You tuckered out
Chasing dreams is not a part time gig
You gon have a hard time kid
You gon value life less, yours and others
You won’t see right and wrong all you’ll see is numbers
You’ll be for sale
Bottom line is all a lie if you’re convinced
No telling the horrors you’ll commit
If you ain’t doing what you’re doing for God
You’ll do anything and be like “I’m only doin my job”
Thats is one hell of an excuse
Don’t give help, get loot
That’s when all hell breaks loose
Society of people bent on bringing home checks
Society of people tryna save they own necks
Running in place and never reach the next leg
Trying to lay a nest egg
But what you expect
The whole concept of paper
Is sacrifice the now for the later
But there’s something greater
You don’t need to have a trust fund
Trust fun
Trust the creator
I just want you to know
Money doesn’t help you play in the snow
The real challenge is achieve real balance thats a balance than can never be low