Jun 12, 2009

Wale f/ Lady Gaga – Chillin’ (Skratch Bastid Remix)


For my latest mixtape, “110%”, I decided to remix Wale’s first major label single “Chillin” f/ Lady Gaga. For the remix, I wanted to go with something more organic to make it different than the 808- & synth-heavy original. To keep it DC, I sampled a break from go-go band Trouble Funk’s “Let’s Get Small”, which Boogie Down Productions used on their classic “Criminal Minded”. From there, I layered 2 other breaks that BDP used in that song (Isaac Hayes’ “Breakthrough” and Syl Johnson’s “Different Strokes”) and added some more samples and loops to accompany certain lines that Wale raps. The result is an uptempo, mega-mix style remix, suitable for the clubs, the jeeps, the streets, bar mitzvahs, weddings and ipods. 110%!

Download the track at skratchbastid.com, and check out the mix on June 12th.


  1. this beat is a monster! not down with lady gaga and Wale has flow but not my type of cat. I normally wouldn’t even check this but The bastid killed it. I like the drop for the chorus. just the vicious break. He made the song very listenable.

    well done.

  2. not bad. Lady gaga = wigg + make-up though, ehhhh

  3. Avatar metawon

    What? No no Wale is dope. I think he’s one of favorite dudes out right now.
    No doubt that this beat is a monster. Props.
    Lady Gaga needs a shovel to the face. No offense hahaha.

  4. For those that don’t know. Lady Gaga actually has mad live singing/playing skills.


    Her wig/hair looks retarded tho.

    Wale sounds pretty dope…

  5. I finally heard the original. This version KILLS the original. Far more life to this version than the original.

  6. there is no defense for lady gaga, in my opinion. the kids love it, sure, but it is otherwise absent minded music. wale is alright. this song seems like a cooler version of mims’ this is why i’m hot.

  7. Wasn’t a fan of wale before, this remix (or its original) hasn’t changed that.

  8. Avatar Orwitz

    clearly Wale is from the school of Kanye. same flow, sounds just like him. this track is nice for the ride no doubt

  9. Mixtape is done, will be out Friday or Monday. I’ll get back to you on that.

  10. Good job dude, very nice…

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