May 31, 2008

What has Sixtoo has been up to lately?

The Gazette (Montreal) just ran an interesting article on Sixtoo, breaking down his latest incarnation and project.

That Robert Squire changed his DJ name from Sixtoo to Speakerbruiser speaks volumes about the new music he’s making. That Megasoid, his distortion-adoring, electro-hip-hop renegade-remix duo with pal Hadji Bakara, is on the bill at this year’s Mutek festival speaks volumes about the fest’s expanding mandate.

“The stuff we can do in a live show doesn’t spill over to a record. We have five or six songs (with our own vocalists). I would love to do a record like that, which is dynamic enough to have dance-hall stuff with club and pop singers. But until we have a full album’s worth of material as strong and eclectic as our club night is, we won’t release anything.”

In the meantime, Megasoid is offering two collections of its bootleg tracks, Tank Thong Remixes, and Speed Knots Volume 1, for free on its website,

“That’s just where music is at right now,” Squire said. “People don’t want to pay, but they want access. So, we’re giving it away, and we’ll make (money) back on our bookings … Which is in line with my own politics and beliefs about music – that selling music has little to do with making it.”

Read the full article here.

One Response

  1. That Tank Thong mixtape is great… I’d love to hear an actual album from Megasoid. I really like the direction Sixtoo has gone in recently. Rough, rugged and raw… but also dancey.