March 23, 2008

WHY? – “Song of the Sad Assassin”

Cool animated music video for “Song of the Sad Assassin” from WHY?’s new album Alopecia. Directed and animated by Mike L. Mayfield.

25 Responses

  1. that’s a dope video!
    “I’ll suck the marrow out and rape your hollow bones”
    the rest of the lyrics kinda suck

  2. I really love this band. I haven’t seen the video. My favorite track is Vowels pt. 2. The chain beat on that track is just mesmerizing. Feel free check out the review I wrote on Alopecia.

  3. I just don’t get what’s to like about a dude singing very poorly and off key with some random sounding abstract lyrics that sound thrown together loosely. I swear my 8 year old cousin can write and sing better than this. Am I just stunned or do some people just like weird shit for the sake of being labeled different to fit into some bull shit avant garde/try hard to be artsy/hipster crowd? That being said the production is good and the video is pretty friggin dope, too bad it’s wasted on such candy ass shit.

  4. this is what why? had to say about the song

    “The first half of it was a dream, and the second half was, I don’t know, some other shit. I don’t know what it really means exactly.

    What was the dream?
    It was me and this one girl that I went to high school with. And we were fishing a body out of water. And then she felt all bad for the guy. Even though he was dead, she just took her bra off and tried to wrap the wound with her bra. Then she got all crazy—it seemed like she was actually the killer. And she told me she was going to rape my hollow bones, suck the marrow out. Like, “Goddamn!” [Laughs] Then I woke up.”

  5. Royal-T..
    whats appealing about an uneducated 16-something year old kid screaming “YAHH TRICK YAHHH!!” over a shitty beat?
    i stopped trying to understand people long ago..

    that being said, i went and saw why? about 2 years ago in saskatoon and i remember really enjoying it…different strokes for different folks.

  6. i dont remember if it was posted on but theres a youtube video series why? made as promo for the album thats really funny….2 dudes from why’s highschool go out in search of him or something, check it out.

  7. i usuallz agree with royal t. but disagree on this one. the new why album is crazy good. its about the voice. some of it isnät as abstrakt.

  8. See thats the thing this isn’t really “rap” in the traditional sense. Even that dude on the second post said ” I really love this band”. So if someone can explain to me how someone singing over a live band is rap than I’ll change my thoughts on this whole issue.. Coming from someone who had “I hate Metric” shirts or whatever made, praising this song seems suspect.

  9. Nothing is so boring as listening to someone else describe a dream. –George Carlin

    and i agree with plustheMIC.

    this is borderline indie rock.

  10. I agree with plustheMIC. this isn’t rap at all. not even a little bit, this is about as emo/indie rock as you can get. just cause it’s over good hip hop’ish production doesn’t make it rap.

  11. i dunno ive always said rap ws a person talking in rhythm and rhyme over a 4/4 beat, which this certainly is not. that said i think its decent, tho certainly not the cut off that album i would have expected to see a video for.

    but past opinions of good or wack, i dont understand the seemingly newfound uproar over abstract berderline hiphop music. i always thought that’s kind of exactly what anticon has been doing for over 10 years now.

    all types of shit gets undue credit for pandering to a certain “scene”. certainly not just the abstract or the hipsters….

  12. don’t get me wrong. i used to be a huge anticon fan when ‘music for the advancement of hiphop’ first dropped. I still check for atmosphere and slug releases. used to still check for sole, but his recent ‘i’m better than rap’ attitude is getting tiresome.

    all the old anticon shit was still rapping though. deep puddle dynamics all that shit. dose one was borderline i’ll give you that, he was my least favorite. if WHY’s album is all this singing stuff then i would say no its not rap or hip hop. but if its only one or 2 tracks on the cd, then thats fine.

  13. Why care about labeling music to genres? That should be left solely up to the artists themselves, not the listeners.

    I don’t want to hear any of my favorite rappers making the same sounding album every year for the rest of their lives, thats stupid and boring.

    WHY? is a dope rapper.

  14. i don’t know man….most avid listeners listen to more rap than the artists themselves (by in large), so who better to define it then the people who actually listen to it.

    i can agree to a point labeling music can get silly with some of the sub-genres out there, but you’d have to agree someone buying an album from the rap section of a music store would be kind of surprised to hear this song come on.

  15. On the other hand, If I looped a bunch of country riffs and spit poetry over them that doesn’t make me a country band. I could call myself that but it doesn’t make it true.

    I agree that labelling is not worthwhile but I can see other people’s points.

    The song to me isn’t that great, I’d rather listen to Beck if I was in this type of mood, or Johnny Cash, even Neil Young – that’s just me.

  16. I’m with T on this one, were I in the mood to listen to a dude singing, I can think of alot of people who do it alot better than Why? does, maybe that’s just me though. As far as genre-labelling, while I agree it’s senseless to a point, I’d be willing to bet if you played this song for a bunch of people who were unfamiliar with Anticon and it’s affiliates not a single one of them would describe it as a hip hop song. Not saying that as a positive or a negative, just an observation.

  17. i cant believe people are arguing over what to label this music under…

    who gives a fuck ?
    you knew it was anticon, and that should have given you a rough idea of what to expect.

    i dont go into music stores completely oblivious of what all of the artists sound like…and neither do you i’m guessing.
    i have rough idea’s, and if i’m digging it, i will buy it, i dont give a fuck what section or ‘genre’ its placed under.

    music is music.

  18. yes skizz gets what i’m saying… if i wanted to listen to singing and good song writing, Why (who does it does seemingly half assed and very poorly) is about 10 millionth on my list. I love some anticon- just about everything sole’s done, dose one – hemispheres and themselves, alias- the other side…., deep puddle dynamics, shit even some of the old restiform bodies. My issue isn’t as to what Why?’s music should be labeled, call it what you want (it ain’t rap though hahaha), my question is why would people listen to this when there’s thousands of people out there who do it better who can actually sing?? Like I said, I swear my 8 year old cousin can sing better than Why? and that many of the people(not all) that listen to him are only into it to fit in with some goofy clique with scarfs and pre faded jeans.

  19. its kind of funny but i think if we were to draw a line between rap and indy rock it would land exactly on why.
    i can see why people dont know how to lable it.
    probablz my third favorite cd of the year. fuck metrick.
    sole is better than rap.
    i lost the hearing on my left side in dresden (such a great rap scene in east germany) so i am trying to figure out what mz health insurance covers in germany so i can see a doctor.

  20. do you know anybody else who sounds exactly like Why? does..?
    Why? (as bad as some think it is) is a very unique artist, and if you have heard alot of his releases you will see this.
    not really that hard to understand.

    take Epic as a local example..
    many people have hated on him for making unconventional rap….and yet many people love him for his original sound.

    it boils down to personal preference.

    nobody’s asking you to understand why they listen to Why?’s music, and nobody is asking you to support his efforts.
    but respect it for what it is, and stop trying to stamp label’s all over it.

    Who the fuck enjoy’s listening to Bjork or Soulja Boy…?
    theres some things that i just dont, and will not ever understand, and i leave it at that..haha

  21. had to check this out even tho i never got into anticon.

    this album is really good.

  22. I love “You’ll know where your plane is…”

    I went to see Why? live because I liked “You’ll know where your plane is…” and I got something completely different. Still liked it though. P.S. Dose One is by far, hands down the best rapper ever associated with Anticon.