Dec 4, 2008

Yak Ballz – “Dirt Empire” [video]


Video for “Dirt Empire” by Yak Ballz, produced by Aesop Rock. From Scifentology II.



  1. Balzac

    songs ill. video, not so much.

  2. This shit is too ill. Crazy vid and song. Ace rock with the sick beat too.

  3. Epic

    never heard a song but yakballs is a herb

  4. 2timenol

    this song is amazing. Yak Ballz is the shit. ’nuff said

  5. max prime

    songs awesome. video is lazy.

    why would you wanna call yakballs a herb?

  6. Dope beat, okay raps, pretty good video

  7. EQ

    always thought he was black, haha. dope song

  8. Balzac


    probably cause he drops the N bomb all over the Homepiss EP. I think he’s iranian or some shit.

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