Your Brother In My Back Pack – “Seasons”

Filmed by 319 Heads

Saskatoon, Airliner Dance Hall (2001)
Your Brother In My Back Pack, featuring members The Gumshoe Strut & Yy from their Milch & Allegra EP, with John Smith doing backups and DJ Hunnicutt on the one-and-twos.


  1. Avatar Manaz

    word good idea.
    this is dope :D

  2. Avatar countturrack in real time

    yes, i agree. very dope idea…

  3. Avatar Chaps

    I remember that show it was awesome! Definitely my favorite Milch and Allegra song. When they performed it at the Orange Hall in Edmonton and i did the hook that was one of my favourite hip hop moments! Noyz props on the idea!

  4. That was terrific! I hope more footage gets unearthed.

  5. I’ll be posting a new video every week to start.

  6. Avatar jayoh fellonious

    dope shits!

  7. Avatar kaohtix

    this is the best shit ever
    thanks noyz

  8. Avatar Ness

    Nice to see this video up on here. Great Idea. I have one request. For someone to find a Frek Sho performance. People need to see this crews old shows. Intricacy and entertainment to the highest degree.

  9. Knowski is sending me a box of old tapes, there’s a good chance of some old frek sho stuff being somewhere in there.

  10. I couldn’t remember this show, until I saw my 18 year old self behind the stage, sitting against the wall.

    It turns out I remember it from a different angle.

  11. Avatar Seague

    Thanks, dope stuff looking forward to more.

  12. Avatar Manaz

    I love this song however i dont have it.

    if someone does. holler!

  13. Avatar professor defbeat

    i have the vhs tape with moka only, ab rude, me, joe, pippy, gruff and i think gumshoe rhyming at the wax museum, from i think 98 or 99.

  14. Avatar stinson

    this is a wicked idea man. can’t wait to see more

  15. Avatar Chaps

    Manaz that came out on Cassette only but I know a few people have converted it. You should hit up Nolto I know he has it. You would have loved old Saskatoon rap days with regular P and C and Frek Sho shows! Ahh good old days! I just have it on tape. Epic you need to get that Vhs to Noyz. Mail it to him. I hit up Knowskillls and he is mailing Noyz a box of tapes so you know this is gonna be an awesome thing for a while to come!

  16. Milch & Allegra was also out on CD-R, it was one of UGSMAG’s best sellers back in the day. I think mcenroe is going to add it to the Peanuts & Corn digital download catalog in the near future.

  17. Avatar Chaps

    Yeah yo are right Noyz. When it comes to the cd-r’s and cd’s I sometimes forget. I knew people had it on cd but i didn’t know if they ripped their tapes or not. Thanks for the clarification homie!

  18. Avatar Manaz

    ahh word.
    im sure i would’ve loved it, iwas just a tot at those times.
    i wouldnt mind getting my hands on some footage. im in a video productions class right now and putting together a dvd of our little rap community, wouldnt mind throwing some of these in the mix. Youll most likely see me walking around with a video camera at most shows for the next 6 months.

  19. I got crazy Halifax videos. You just wait.

  20. great addition to the site..
    i think i see Dj Known with a mushroom cut behind Yy there….haha

  21. Avatar ethik9

    id have to agree with rewinder and halifax videos would be ill.cant wait to see more live canadian rap from coast to coast.

  22. Avatar owel five

    can anyone send me the Milch & Allegra EP?!?! copy went missing years back and i miss that album badly…Camelot Gardens was a super favourite of mine…can anyone help?!?!?

  23. Avatar elmntree

    i have this album if anybody is interested..? its incredible.

  24. Avatar owel five

    can you send it to me elmntree?

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