Dec 31, 2008

1969 Tour: Feat. Myka 9, Sole, Ceschi, Factor, Def 3 and more


1969 Tour: Feat. Myka 9, Sole, Factor, def3

January schedule for the tour promoting Myka 9’s (Freestyle Fellowship) new album 1969 produced entirely By Factor and featuring guest spots by Aceyalone, Busdriver, Awol One and more.

Check out some audio from the album (

F 1/16/09 – Los Angeles, CA (knitting factory, hollywood)
S 1/17/09 – Fresno, CA (the exit)
S 1/18/09 – SF, CA (bottom of the hill)
T 1/20/09 – Eureka, California (Red Fox Tavern)
T 1/22/09 – Eugene, OR (WOW Hall)
F 1/23/09 – Portland, OR (Berbati’s Pan)
S 1/25/09 – Boise, ID (The Bouquet)
T 1/27/09 – Bozeman, mt (Zebra Cocktail Lounge)
W 1/28/09 – Missoula, MT (The Badlander)
T 1/29/09 – SLC, UT (Urban Lounge)
F 1/30/09 – Denver, CO (Bender’s Tavern)
S 1/31/09 – Santa Fe, NM (Meow Wolf)

Myka 9 – 1969


  1. Avatar Timbulb

    A lot of fuckin’ good that does me.

  2. haha yah no kidding, dope tour and all but what about Canada?

  3. i dont think myka can get into canada.

  4. nice poster by a fellow named Justin Lovato…

  5. Avatar chris plus

    no canada our home and native land

  6. we are working on canada dates (and the bordercrossing) right now!!! we will be doing sxsw and a east coast usa tour in march….

    just got the cds today they looks fresh!

    ah yeah

  7. Avatar alter

    looks good!

    I’ll be dissapointed if it never comes to kanada.

    Have fun guys!

  8. Avatar von christoph

    factor save me a copy! i havent bought new music in probably a month, im jonesin!

  9. Should be a great tour (even without me!) haha. Justin Lovato is the fucking man. I stayed with him in Sacramento when I was touring Cali, he made the sickest poster for the SF show. So many crazy paintings at that guys house. Cant wait to hear the Myka album. ZAP!

  10. Avatar Rewinder

    I got the first copy of this album, OMG!!
    its fucking good, all joking aside.

  11. Yo so great
    we wait you in France !

  12. Avatar IchabodChron

    Haha, Meow Wolf really? Crazy. See you there.

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