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July 31, 2008

Add-Vice – Blunt Trauma [free download]

Add-Vice - Blunt Trauma

The CDs are now sold out, so Add-Vice has decided to put up hs album for free download! Get it here.

1-Get High
2-Broke Sellout
3-Who Flips The Mic ft Chris Plus, Chazmo
5-Stone In The Ocean
6-Where You At ft Chazmo
7-Top Choice
8-Get Smashed
9-You Can’t F**k With Us ft Max Prime, Ben.E Elim, Conspiracy
10-Bargain Bin Disaster
11-Casino Lights
12-Cinnemaddict Destruction
13-Release The River
14-Vice’s Odyssey
15-Digital Liquid ft Conspiracy, Max Prime, Mindbender
17-United In Death
18-Sidekicks Are My Heroes: Sinkhole Version
19-Going Out On A High Note ft Cadence Weapon, Touch, Stray, Chris Plus, Chazmo

1, 3, 19 by Chris Plus
2 by DJ Nato
4, 7, 8, 16, 17, 18 by Balzac
5, 9, 15 by Beat Jesus
6, 14 by Chazmo
10 by Maki
11, 12 by Max Prime
13 by DJ Weez-L

3 by Chazmo
10, 13, 18 by DJ Weez-L

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15 Responses

  1. I am really happy I was able to get a physical copy pf this! This a dope album cop it! Addviddy!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the dl, nice work addvize. I’m bumping it today.
    Sidenote – chaz is dope. Need more chaz in my music.

  3. do yourself a favor and peep this shit, it is dope.

    also glad i managed to grip a physical copy….

  4. this shit is illll! I gripped a copy from Addy ahile back and was thoroughly impressed beats and rhymes.

    You’ve grown so fucking much since teh beginniung homiE

    we are proud of you!

  5. Much Gratitude, Add-Vice! Listened to this CD a bunch of times on the bus from Edmonton to Vancouver… ill flow, beats, scratches, album.

  6. yeah totally good shit – i wish i could have copped a physical joint for the collection but this is just as good

    you cant fuck with us is my jam