October 26, 2010

Alex Dimez – Twenty Dimez

Download: http://handsolorecords.com/twentydimez/

Hand’Solo Records latest release is the debut EP from Toronto rapper Alex Dimez. Twenty Dimez features production from Anonymous Twist, Jaydapro and TymE, with a guest appearance from King Jus.

Alex Dimez - Twenty Dimez

14 Responses

  1. I luv the artwork for this ep, saw dimez open for cypress hill. hes really cute and i feel like i know him after listening to this ep. iam going to fr him on fb

  2. The answer to that question P to the L-E-X is NONE-LOL-at King Just having fans and to then take it further that his “fans” would be outraged at another rapper with a similar name. Idiot

  3. Did you see the similar discussion about King Jus supposedly biting King Just’s name on HHC? I’m not that concerned about it all, but it can be a pain in the ass when doing a google search for King Jus cuz it brings up a lot of things on King Just…

    1. Rather than post the long review below, I was attempting to just post a link to the review but each and every time nothing happened. So, finally I attempted the post with my question (which worked), tried again to post the link (which didn’t work) and finally just opted to post the whole review… Weird. Are you unable to post links in these comments?

    2. I fixed it 🙂 Comments can have links but usually if they have a file extension (like .html) they end up in the spam folder (where i found yours).

  4. Loved Alex Dimez ‘Green’. You can dance to it or just chill and listen. And by the way it is clean lyrics; just how i prefer my music. Thanks Alex!!!