May 12, 2015

Astronautalis – “Papillon” (beat by Lazerbeak)

“When i work on a song, i find that there comes a point in time, when my best laid plans have to go out the window. That whatever I had in mind for a song no longer matters, because the song itself has plans of it‘s own, and there is no use in fighting that. So you give in, you let the music take over, and you trust that wherever it leads you, is ultimately what is best for the song.

Sometimes, it leads you so far off the beaten path, and so deep into the woods, that the song you had such big dreams for, no longer has a place on your album. That is what happened with “Papillon”. One of the earliest pieces of music i had crafted for me latest record, it was alway an anchor point on the album for me. But, before we even finished recording, i could already sense that it had no place on the record. So, instead of trying to shoehorn this pretty little number so it fit into the big, bombastic sound of the album, we gave in to the song and let it lead us to where it was meant to be.

And though i wish i could have found a place for this tune on the record, i am really proud of where it landed. And so, instead of burring it out in the woods, i am giving it away to y’all now!”
– Astronautalis