May 9, 2009

BIG TReaL – Stimulus EP


BIG TReaL - Stimulus EP

Free download EP from Charlotte, North Carolina emcee BIG TReaL. The Stimulus EP features original production from 9th Wonder, Eric G, FLB, Chicky P and Ill Phil. Be on the look out for much more from BIG TReaL in 2009.


1. The Stimulus Intro (Prod by: FLB)
2. Obama Effect (Prod by: FLB)
3. SupaNiggaz (Prod by: FLB)
4. Blues of the W’2’s (Prod by: Chinky P)
5. Blockin ya on Blessings (Prod by: Eric G)
6. Fred G Sanford (AZZ!) (Prod by: FLB)
7. Permanent UnderclaSS (Prod by: FLB)
8. No More (Prod by: 9th Wonder)
9. Stainglass Kingdom (Prod by: Ill Phil)

One Comment

  1. Downloading right now… This guy had one of my favourite tracks on Dream Merchant 2

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