October 6, 2010

Busdriver – Computer Cooties

Busdriver - Computer Cooties

Download: http://busdriversite.com

Busdriver finally drops his long anticipated Computer Cooties mixtape! The free download features Busdriver reworking tracks with Open Mike Eagle, Daedelus, Antipop Consortium, Free The Robots, Flying Lotus and more.

7 Responses

  1. i’m just gonna be an asshole and say i don’t think i can listen to busdriver anymore. somebody let me know if he has any new songs where he takes his subject matter and rapping seriously to prove to me I’m not giving him a fair listen

  2. Oh, do allow me to be that person, Max. While I’m less than sure I understand what you’re implying and thus might not be completely equipped to respond, I think Busdriver makes amazing hip hop and beautiful, stimulating music; it’s hard for me to imagine anyone listening to his lyrics (or reading the ones that go by too fast to grasp) and not hearing that he writes from experience and from his daily musings about love, sex, politics, fatherhood, racial identity, personal demons…and on and on. I don’t know how much more serious you can get than that, regardless of how much humor he brings with him in the process.

  3. actually i think your right 100%. i think posting whatever on the internet is awesome and totally productive