January 19, 2009

Cadence Weapon – Seperation Anxiety Mixtape

Cadence Weapon’s Seperation Anxiety Mixtape

Seperation Anxiety is a collection of exclusive new Cadence Weapon tracks, remixes and collaborations. Download it from cadenceweaponmusic.com for any price you’d like to pay.


01 – Roll With The Winners (Prod. Herve & A-Trak)
02 – The Cansecos “Rise Up” (Cadence Weapon Mix)
03 – Pretty Girls Make Raves (Prod. Stuffa, Mapei and Sinden)
04 – Mini T.V.’s (Chad Vangaalen Cover, Live ft. Final Fantasy)
05 – Sailboats Are White “SAW” (Cadence Weapon Hi-Speed Edit)
06 – Sally Shapiro “He Keeps Me Alive” (Cadence Weapon Mix)
07 – Bad Graffiti (Prod. Murge)
08 – Roland Pemberton III “Rupture Vers Le Haut”
09 – The Morning After (Prod. C-Sekshun)
10 – RJD2 “Sweet Piece” (Cadence Weapon’s Ladykiller Remix)
11 – Kennedy Curse
12 – Kid Sister “Damn Girl” (Cadence Weapon Remix)
13 – Shout Out Out Out Out “Coming Home (We Do Acid)” (Demo)
14 – Busdriver “Sun Shower” (Cadence Weapon`s Raleigh Remix)
15 – Junior Bloomsday “Your Perfect Gene” (ft. Cadence Weapon)
16 – The Wet Secrets “The Chinball Wizard” (Cadence Weapon’s Samir-Themed Remix)
17 – House Music Medley (Bird Peterson, A1 Bassline, The Cansecos)
18 – Super Extra Bonus Party “Radar (Demo)”
19 – Roots Manuva “Buff Nuff” (Cadence Weapon Tuff Mix)
20 – The D.B. Buxton Revue “Sex With My Ex” (Cadence Weapon’s No Sex Mix)

9 Responses

  1. CADENCE WEAPON SUCKS BIG OL’ APPLE BOTTUMZ! Just kidding, looking forward to peeping this.

  2. it’s mainly electronic music, but people here may be interested in hearing the murge and c-sekshun tracks. “kennedy curse” is me rapping over “assassination day” by ghostface.

    photo taken by nathan burge (nathanburge.com)

    it was taken at the pawn shop in edmonton on a particularly hot day last summer

    hey kutdown, i love your remix of “all sounds”. it’s really dope.

  3. it’s all rap to me as long there’s rapping on there.
    interesting stuff.
    just glad your not going autotune 😉