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June 21, 2009

D-Sisive – “Mr. Daydream” video

D-Sisive – “Mr. Daydream” video, from the album Let The Children Die.

14 Responses

  1. i dont think it is on vinyl. i asked at the store before i bought the cd. urbnet doesn’t really mess with vinyl

  2. Just saw the video for Wonderful World on Much Vibe last night… simple, but DOPE!!! This album is pretty good and IMO has a good chance of getting a Juno Nod in an extremely competitive year.

  3. dope shit. i still prefer old d-sisive tracks like the EW and all that but this new stuff i starting to grow on me even though I normally can’t stand sad rap

  4. The thing is…. he does it so well. There is sad rap that is whiney and terrible but this shit is like story telling on another level.

  5. wow that was some artsy shit on a whole different plane…it was cool for sure but not the type of shit that would make me rush out and buy his album…I respect his uniqueness but thats not enough for me to actually wanna pump this track often…or ever again…

    1. Frankly, I think this was a poor choice for a single. As you pointed out, it’s not the type of track that will make many people want to rush out and buy the album. It’s a great song and very touching, but the writing is done in such a way that a video is superfluous. In other words, I don’t need a video to be able to picture this song. And the beat is pretty much non-existant, which I like on record but will stand out amongst other music videos, and I’m not sure if it will be in a good way…

      I really like this song, but I think a better song could have been chosen to be made into a video…

      With that being said, I’m pushing for D-Sisive to ge the Polaris Prize for this album, and I’d love to see him get nominated for a Juno, too.

      D-Sisive can be a depressing rapper (with a side order of humour) but he’s also a great storyteller, and that’s rare in hip hop.

  6. i bump both of his albums all the time. there is one or two songs i skip and they are actually the posse cut songs

    hes an ill rapper/writer/story teller

    1. I agree with everything you just said. The Book is dope
      and the new album is nice. plus I mean… Guilty Simpson on a track? on that album? That’s a wild collabo I never saw coming and it fits the in with the rest of the tracks. AND Premier played his shit! <<<<<<< too dope.

  7. I copped the new album in Vancity a couple weeks ago…Standout tracks for me were Wonderful World, and Track 11…which i cant think of the name of right now but he writes about getting jumped..
    Really feeling the beats on some of them, i was stoked to see Muneshine produced a good chunk of Let The Children Die.

  8. I’m with T-Bag, I was a bigger fan of D-Sisive’s older music (“The Best Posse Cut You Ever Heard” is a fucking banger to this day) but you can’t deny his talent and it’s dope that he’s starting to get more shine now.