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May 12, 2017

Premiere: D-Sisive x The Arkeologists – “Pussyclot”

Back at it again, new new D-Sisive produced by The Arkeologists.



I don’t write raps, rhymes or bars
I don’t write songs
I write psalms
Slob God in a stained robe sitting on a drained toilet
Aiming a loaded
Homie, I came to throw gunshots
Can I touch something?
What the bloodclot
Opiate possessed in my mug shot
Fatty Arbuckle with the slight smirk
Rifle in my right grip
Bible in my left palm
Yeezus with a vest on
Rap’s Ginsberg
Trapped in the physique of Harvey Weinstein
Slapping Miramax interns
I don’t mop the mucus up
My name ain’t Mr. Belvedere
And I don’t live in Mac Miller’s Pittsburgh
I’m a David Miscavige miscarriage
The twentieth savage
I hid beneath the blankets watching rap turn Kravitz
I’m before Christ
Top 5 and B4-4
Like that boy band signed under the Sony brand
With frosted tips, bird beaks and the sex appeal of the holocaust
Only in Canada
Only in Canada
Disown me in Canada

Bright days and dark nights
Dick Graysons and Dark Knights
White glove slaps and swordfights
I rap like I’m Charlie Bukowski in bar fights
With brass knuckles hidden in my spandex
Like Ravishing Rick Rude
With your portrait airbrushed on my pants
That makes you frown whenever my ass flexes
I’ll turn you Futures into past tenses

I’m the fat, white Tupac repping the Red Wings
Pouring out some Hennesey for my enemies
Spitting on you rock stars trying to sell me dreams
Dollarama LA Reid’s
Leaving messages at 4am
Playing West Coast in the background
Telling me you’re gonna blow me up
Take me out the Rivoli
And sell out every seat in the opera house
From the floor right up to the mezzanine
As soon as the grants approve
As soon as the Factor grant approves
You can’t imagine what I plan to do
Only in Canada
Disown me in Canada
Contemplating war with dudes I was cool with before
We used to score together
Perform together
A thug changes, and love changes
And best friends become strangers
Over married pussy
A marionette
I kiss you on the mouth and cradle your neck
You broke my heart, Fredo
You broke my heart

I’m broke and broken
Hardly alive
I’m Rocky five
Sue me for what?
Nothing to lose
Building a spaceship out of a cardboard box
A stick of dynamite and a couple of screws
To return where I belong like Buzz on the moon
If Drake’s Muhammad
I’m Chuvalo in Maple Leaf Gardens
In darkness
Alone with the ghost of Harold Ballard
With gloves tied
The bloods dry
Fighting demons in the basement while the sun shines
Regretting every drug tried
Fighting for a happy ending for this fucked life
To mom and father…
Promise you’ll protect my daughter
You did everything you could for my slob sonata
The award goes to…
Slob God in Slob Opera
Vaffanculo your mama
Slob Opera…