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May 9, 2017

Premiere: D-Sisive x The Arkeologists – “Sand Castle”

Dope new single from D-Sisive, marking his official return. Produced by The Arkeologists.

“After a 2 year hibernation, I woke up in a world completely foreign to the one I fell asleep in. The air is cleaner. Accents are thicker. Fabrics are brighter. Bullets are plastic. Bologna is free range.

Will this new world accept my wet boots, grey hair and wrinkles? Well, the old one rejected my cheap moustache, glasses and winter hats, soooo… Fuck it.”

Slob God


Today was the day when the drugs stopped working

The buzz disappeared to feed pigeons in the park


Trying to find religion in the dark


God blocked me on Facebook

I woke up with morning breath that could kill a zombie

Stronger than a gorilla

Rest in peace to Harambe

Dick out to get the piss out

Empty, awake and driven

Grabbed a can of Pepsi and ended racism

Grabbed two beef patties and filled the microwave with them

Then waited a minute

My brain started singing…

Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you

I don’t believe in anybody

I don’t believe in anybody

I don’t believe in anybody

What’s anybody?

Fuck anybody

I loved anybody

I hugged anybody

I wanted anybody to hold hands and sing happy songs by Massari

Karl Wolf and Marianas Trench and Hedley

Sip Pepsi from Mother Theresa’s tits

Now all I do is wonder where the Reaper is

So he can pierce is scythe deep in you piece of shits

If Jesus forgives

I’m playing Jenga in the basement with Satan

Listening to…

Today is the greatest day…

And I’m the greatest

Yet I’m 37 trying to break in

I’m pathetic and humiliating

I remember being signed by EMI

At the desk of the president

Telling him I want to blow up like Kardinal

He pointed at a framed photograph of planet Earth hanging from his wall

I said – Cool, so what?

He said – Blow up?

Compared to that, Kardinal’s a sand castle on the beach

At the time, Kardinal was Canada to me

Sadly, I learned Canada was nothing but wet sand

Packed in a red bucket bought at Dollarama, dumped out at Wasaga Beach

Waking up to that was a tragedy to me


The point he was making was think Global

If NBC’s the king…why think Global?
This was way before Akon and Dangerous

This is not an insult, so don’t go and take it as one

And if you do, I don’t care

I’m done caring

Done treating pioneers like they was parents

When I started, other rappers couldn’t care less

Nobody predicted this white nerd from Northcliffe

Would double lap canuck rap

You didn’t want him in

Fast forward

You still ignore instead of honor him

So now I fight in a war that I don’t want to win

I don’t want beats that bite 40

I don’t want to sing

I’d rather jump off instead of walk the bridge

And that’s the only way I’ll fall off

How many fucking verses do I gotta spit

To drill the fact that I’m the illest in your braindead…

Chef Boyardee, Beefaroni, Brendan Fraser, Rick Moranis…

Moronic heads…

Slob Opera