December 23, 2010

Daedelus – “Far From Home” live video

Live video of Daedelus’ working his monome magic in an arcade, via

“It wasn’t much of a surprise when we found out that Daedelus was a huge fan of video games, even less that he was ecstatic to be doing a session at an arcade. While we were shooting his tour mates The Gaslamp Killer and 12th Planet, he quietly escaped to Ground Kontrol Arcade saying that he was going to go “scout” the barcade. When we got there, we caught him playing Street Fighter 2. The most striking thing about Daedelus’ performance is that he actually performs electronic music. The second (or possibly first) most striking thing about Daedelus is that you usually can’t find him without some variation of a suit. For our session he wore a polo, vest, tie combo that coincidentally matched the color of the walls.

The session was done in a single 7-minute take at the end of which we selfishly asked Daedelus if he could do another (simply because we wanted to see more), he very politely declined, giving us a look of exhaustion and fear, as though he had just unleashed some crazed demon out into the wild and didn’t know if he could tame it again.” —

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