May 28, 2008

DJ Kutdown

Meet Junkyard: DJ Kutdown
Illustrations by 319 Heads

Meet Junkyard takes you into the world of a regular guy who happens to have twelve children, three ex-wives, more scars than Christ, a lengthy criminal record, and been involved in two Vietnam tours. Junkyard has never had a bank account and he doesn’t have a phone, so sometimes he stops by his best pal Nato’s house to chat with friends.

This episode, Junkyard talks with Frek Sho alumni DJ Kutdown. Look for Kutdown’s Stay Down mixtape out soon on Foultone Records. Kutdown is also finishing up production on albums with Ismaila, Influence (Influence & Kutdown are the Bruise Brothers), and Royal-T.

More info on Kutdown available here.

22 Responses

  1. oh man, JYD’s crib is such a wretched shithole, the guys got one of those plastic sperm shaped shot glasses hanging from his ceiling like a model airplane.

  2. Like whoa! That was, holy shit. Nice work on everything Nate, the theme song, the background, Kutdown barely got a word in!

  3. Thats just a fraction of the convo we had. Prob the only part of our talk rated E for everyone. JYD has stories, stories that had me in tears laughing.

    “No one can beat me at a banger, no one. I would send God himself back to heaven with his skirt around his head and his asshole hurting” – JYD.

  4. lol…duke up here^^ obviously hasn’t met the man.

    Good shizzle, Nate bizzle. Took Shaw awhile to get my internet working so I could download the stream without it buffering on me.


  5. buck – not everybody goes to bed at the same time that your mommy tucks you in at. Some people are in cars at 3:30 in the morning, and these cars are driving on roads. Come to Inglewood and I’ll show you it’s real – cricket bat, finger splint and everything. P.S. don’t talk shit about this man, if you don’t like it then fuck off

  6. INGLEWOOD. there’s always hoes and johns roaming 124 at all times of night. jyd is the real thing, thats what makes it even funnier.

  7. Best new feature! I loved every second! Is there any way ina future episode you could get him to talk about his tours in Vietnam? That would be insane!

  8. we’ll get there, I’ve heard alot of the stories and they are pretty nuts… he was a LRRP… look that word up

  9. No need to look up LRRP! I got that shit on lock. That is pretty insane! I can only imagine the stories.