January 17, 2008

Epic – Aging is what friends do together

Epic - Aging is what friends do together

Epic’s first solo in album in four years, Aging is what friends do together, drops April 14th on Hand’Solo Records.

1) thirty-five
2) touch interlude
3) ah hemsky
4) i only like rap
5) some things
6) rhyming into a four track (feat. touch)
7) sleeping shirts
8) the city (factor mix)
9) learning to let go (feat. nomad, andre, and roma)
10) music appreciation II (feat. bleubird)
11) move home
12) side effects (feat. mc homeless, archer hymnz & kay the aquanaut)
13) walking around town
Bonus Tracks
14) trading kyoto credits (feat. features maki & ira lee.)
15) the city (mattr mix)

Production: 4, 5, 10, 11, 13 by soso. 3, 7, 14 by maki. 1 by kutdown. 6 by kils. 8 by factor. 9 by roma. 12 by variax. 15 by mattr.

16 Responses

  1. Alright, you caught me… I was just adding to the excitement. However, I haven’t heard the whole thing and not in the order listed. I’m looking forward to hearing the finished version. It had better be good.