July 5, 2001



I met up with Epic on ICQ for a much overdue interview. So, in the tradition of interviews that ask oddball questions to the artists you love, here is Epic – live and raw.

Andy: Hip Hop interviews always start out the same and then ask all the same questions. So first, tell me everything a normal hiphop interview would find out so we can get the first questions out of the way. What’s your name, were are you from, who are your homies, and how dope is your new stuff gonna be? next level or on some different shit?

Epic: My name hiphop wise is Epic. My physical brother is named nathan knowwhatIamsaying. I hang with the beatcomber’s, some think we are a gang, but we are a dj crew really. Soso is like the ceo of clotheshorse entertainment incorporated. I know this dope emcee named Yy, I am gonna record a bunch of new stuff for my friends and people in this region basically. Gonna record with my man Gumshoe Strut, cf, my homie dwight.

Have you ever had a fight with your crew? A big brawl or anything?

Yeah. I wasn’t getting along with my roommate. We were sharing an apartment. I intentionally bounced the rent check. We ended up fist fighting in a park in New West. That was like 92. I got a new crew now and they got my back.

Bounced a rent check? You hustler! What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever stolen?

Would a real hustler confess on the net?

Is that code word for Epic is clean living and wouldn’t steal?

Honestly, probably nothing more expensive than a 10 speed

Alright. Do small time hustlers get paid twice? Have you ever been on government assistance?

You mean in 2 different provinces at the same time?

You’ve been on welfare in 2 different provinces at once?

Can you keep these questions hiphop related?

I can give you hiphop questions. true or false: Epic likes hiphop.

I like hiphop. Just lot’s I could do without.

Who’s the worst hip hop artist out today?

Probably this dude’s site I checked out from New Orleans. He had a link posted off this other website. Probably Run from Run Dmc

If you could battle Run, what would you say to him?

Probably a rhyme about how… Oh, I don’t want to say it, got to many religious friends.

Say it!

No, really though I read an interview with him and he was saying some wack stuff.

Why are most hiphop interviews so bad?

Too many rapper’s are focused on the fact that they have to act a certain way to make it in the industry.

What would you rather do?

I have goals that all contain me rapping, that will be relevant for another 20 years or so. A lot of people deserve to have hiphop as a career.

How can you stay relevant for 20 years?

By analyzing what need’s to change in hiphop, in society, practicing my freestyling constantly and staying in contact with good people.

Who are some other good people you want to work with?

Firstly I want to work with some of the people from around here that I haven’t had a chance cause I have had a really busy year. Factor, a song with Chap’s and a couple dudes in Edmonton. Plus other people on my album. I want to work with certain people out of town, but I think I would have to click with them on a personal level before I asked them.

Other than the people around you though, who’s the first hiphopper outside of Canada that you’d want to work with?

Volume 10 and Dru Down

You know what’s funny, i’m listening to Volume 10 right now. He’s probably also my favorite MC. Your a genius Epic, Volume 10/Epic album would be the best album – ever.

Yeah, if we could get Yukmouth on that.

What’s the lowest price you’d take for the Volume 10 LP on vinyl?

Probably wouldn’t take cash. If I say like xxxx Canadian some dude checkin’ the site from Mexico would be like that’s like fuck all in our money.

What makes you such a hardcore West Coast G? People seem to think that your into anticon, painting, artsy women, and flowers – according to the internet at least. So to tie into that, why is the internet so lame?

It’s funny, a lot of times on the internet instead of relevant discussions people post for the shock value. Dude’s don’t know the 1/2 about me. It works both ways though cause I get a lot of support too. A lot of these shock value dudes are just marks basically. I consider people who go on websites too bash people right up there with battling in chatrooms.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever been called in a battle?

An old man. Actually check that. When I battled my homie chap’s he got real personal on me. He called me on a bunch of personal shit. Wasn’t even rhyming his punchlines. Was funny as hell. That was 3 year’s ago. never stepped to him again. He stepped to John Smith at the last battle – but I guess he didn’t have as much dirt on him.

But Chaps won! ah who cares, the battle was rigged anyway. Watch out for the John Smith – Prevail – Patty C – Karma Khameleon EP appearing soon on ugsmag.com…

what’s the best punchline you’ve ever had? and have you ever battled joss?

I don’t know, so many. I don’t think they would come out as funny in typing. Lately probably that dude I called mc Jamiroquai, and I’ve never battled Joss.

How often do you call someone a fucking asshole? I noticed that’s an Epic staple.

Yeah, lately I notice organized battles get stupid. Dudes rap about I’ll kill you and I’ll f— your sister. I try not to blend in with that. When I call someone a fucking goof or something everyone laughs then the battle is not as serious. I like when thugs try talking about killing in a battle. Then I can get real specific and graphic when it’s my turn

EpicDo you have a criminal record?

No criminal record. Only arrested once over 18.

For what?

No comment

Ah c’mon! No comment, who are you, Klein?

You mean Ralph Klein. Maybe it was for a corporate crime Andy. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I was skimming off the deposits to plug v.l.t’s.

Fine. if you don’t want to tell me the good details, I’ll ask something else. How did you meet soso?

I can’t remember how exactly. We were introduced through mutual friend’s. He was into DJ’ing and so was I. We ended up setting stuff up at the local skate park I think to dj for a skate competition.

Do you skate?

No. I emcee instead.

here’s a cool interview technique I jacked from FuseOne from hiphopinfinity.com, its called word association, and its dope. I’ll give you a phrase, and you write a couple sentences about what you think.

New York.

I drove a semi into New York. We parked at the Staten Island mall. Slept there a couple of nights. I remember most the Staten Island Ferry.


…was a black man

haha. Isosoles

Those dude’s were the beatcombers rival’s for years. On the tables, on the mic. By the time we all grew out of our beef they moved away. I wonder what Shrimpy’s up to about now.

Swollen Members.

I use to be into their early stuff.

Living Legends.

I really like Grouch. Murs is dope. Besides that, not my thing.

Who is Epic/Erin C?

Just some one on the rise. The same character pretty much. I mean, maybe Erin C is more of an entertainer. Epic is not really out to entertain. I just want to say my piece on the mic You know what I mean. That’s not what Epic’s rhymes are about. You want an entertainer maybe get Erin on the mic or something.

Could Erin battle Epic?

Who would get dissed for the grey hair? Erin would come with pre-writtens.

Who would wear the feminine reptile shirt? DJ clue is coming to Edmonton. i’m thinking of yelling CLUE in his ear and stealing his turntables, will you help?

I really felt sorry for K-cut from Baby Blue when he came to town. Here is someone who contributed in whatever way to one of the most classic album’s and here he is in Saskatoon playing like Thunderstruck by ac/dc to get the dance floor going.

I mean, the baby blue sound crew, that album gets the clubs crunk, of course its a classic. Do you have a miss money jane in your life?

Who cares. Baby Blue are beyond wack. It seems the real never make it whether it be on the tables, on the real. I remember this hockey player who was like tearing it up in junior. Best player to ever come from these part’s. Problem was he was 5 foot 3. Had like 3 goals a game. Big time never gave him a chance. Probably sells cars. Word to all the real dj’s.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve sold to buy more vinyl?

I’ve gone without eating for a day, probably for Fatboy’s 12″.

The Fatboys, I love that song with the force MDs. Nevermind, you wouldn’t get it, your a new jack. Oh by the way, I heard Sole talking about some guy named Rakim, do you know who that is?

Rakim is one of the first tapes I got. I really like that Jody Watley song. People slept on that don’t sweat the technique.

That album was alright, but I like Let the Rhythm Hit’em better. Don’t sweat had a few bangers though, especially pass the hand grenade. I’m not a huge Erik B fan, I would have rather seen Rakim with Shock G.

Shock Jesus

Exactly. I want to make an album with Money B.

I want to do one with Chi Ali

Would you bail Chi Ali out of jail to do a track?


Alright, before this gets even longer, any closing thoughts?

Yeah, a few. If you have spare time this summer learn how the drive to fund the pensions of our parents generation is a greedy process that necessitates increased globalization. The erosion of the working class to create cheap labour. People working for sick wages in Canada and even sicker in other countries. Fuck Nike. Fuck the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. Fuck slumlordz. The revolution may or may not be violent but it will REQUIRE THE SAME CROSS SECTION of society that hiphop has. Let’s use hiphop as a tool. But remember hiphop is fun too. I had to get this off in case i never get an opportunity again. Plus one more. Pick up the soso full length.

word up to social revolution backed by hiphop. Buy Epic’s Album, cause its bangin. Thanks for your time Epic, peace.