January 14, 2011

Evil Ebenezer & Factor – “In My Car”

Evil Ebenezer & Factor

The first single from Evil Ebenezer & Factor’s EP Widow’s Creek. The digital EP and Stuey Kubrick directed video for “In My Car” both drop January 25 on Side Road Records!

Evil Ebenezer’s newest EP Widow’s Creek is an eccentric ode to the wonders of childhood, summers that never end and the desolate winter which all young boys must face when they become men. Told from the shivering broken bunker of that old summer cottage where a family had the best of times and young boys caused all they trouble they could to make the best memories of their lives.

Now it’s winter. The pipes have burst, the lake has frozen and childhood has slipped away. As Evil stumbles through the shattered remains of his childhood cottage, listeners will feel the crystal clear joys of the past that you can only feel when you look back at what’s already slipped away. This is a story for our generation, that have lost their childhood and don’t know how to become an adult. For every person trapped in a dark season of the soul, where the good times, the old loves and the never healed traumas of life stop them from moving on. This is about struggling to live your life when you know that you’re only free of misery when you’re dead and ultimately the courage to suffer in the pursuit of what makes you happy instead of staying numb in the safety of the past.

Widow’s Creek is a land of first love, best friends and broken dreams. A place few can leave. This is the story of how Evil broke out of town. Produced by Factor, the album offers beautiful sound scapes filled with nostalgia, hope, joy and loss. Ebenezer reaches new levels of emotional depth and musicality in this release. Widow’s Creek is a haunting and hopeful EP, of a winter that seemed like it would never end and the sunshine that brought it all back.

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