May 10, 2013

Factor – Woke Up Alone Tracklist and New Song feat. Nomad

Factor - Woke Up Alone

Listen to “Alive Tomorrow” feat. Nomad, from Factor’s new concept album, Woke Up Alone — out July 23rd on Fake Four Inc.

This year marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Factor’s label, Side Road Records. So when I had the pleasure of doing the cover design for this album, I wanted to pay homage to that fact and reference Factor’s, Con-Soul Confessions — which was the very first Side Road Records release back in 2003.


1. Woke Up Alone
2. The Empire Has Fallen (ft. Paranoid Castle)
3. After the Service

ANGER (Scene 2)
4. Raise the Dead ft. Ceschi
5. Alive Tomorrow (feat. Nomad)
6. Stone Cold ft. Open Mike Eagle

7. Long Hallways
8. In Sickness & In Health ft. Onry Ozzborn
9. Don’t Give Up ft. Paranoid Castles and Jeans Boots

10. Denied ft. Myka 9
11. Devil’s Call ft. Evil Ebeneezer
12. Carry Over ft. Jeans Boots

13. Let it Go ft. Astronautalis
14. Give Up ft. Gregory Pepper & Paranoid Castle
15. The Grave (Burial)

Woke Up Alone, a necromantic play told in five scenes, begins with our grieving protagonist, played by Kirby Dominant of Paranoid Castle, struggling to grasp the grim meathook reality of a dead wife. Four lush and mournful instrumental interludes woven throughout and bookending Woke Up Alone capture the emotions of the widower as he speaks with his wife’s ghost, a false prophet, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a medicine man, his own conscience and the devil.

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