January 25, 2008

Friday Five On It – Jan 25, 2008

Mindbender - Love For Sale (video)Mindbender – “Love For Sale” (video)

Head popping video from one of the SBU brothers, even Conspiracy gets in on the intro.

Ghostface Mad at MySpace fansGhostface Mad at MySpace Fans

“I got like 115,000 fans on the MySpace and ya’ll motherfuckers are still downloading my shit man. You know what i mean, i thought ya’ll motherfuckers loved me.” Buy the cd and maybe Ghost will be your friend: “Bring the CD to the show, and show me that you did that; and i’ll sit there and i’ll kick it with ya’ll…”

5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World

Watch out now.

$20,000 Coffee Maker$20,000 Coffee Maker

If you’ve been to a good coffee shop in Japan you’ll know that these things are the truth. Good news is you can buy a home friendly version of a siphon coffee maker (aka vacuum coffee maker) for around $75, check ebay.

Diet Cherry Chocolate Rain, Dr Pepper

Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper

I wrote this review for the homie Chaps, in case he wasn’t able to get his hands on a bottle, but i’m happy to report that he’s now tried it and thinks it’s awesome.

The new Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper is really weird, especially the first sip. You can’t really taste the chocolate as soon as it hits your tongue, but soon after there is a surprisingly strong chocolate aftertaste. This aftertaste is followed by more subtle hints of cherry and of course Aspartame. The chocolate flavour itself is pretty much identical to that of a Tootsie Roll. If you’re unable to find this new “limited edition” Dr Pepper in your area i think i have a good way for you to duplicate the flavour sensation. The first step would be to lick a Cherry Tootsie Pop down to within about 3-5 five licks of breaking through to the Tootsie filled center and then at the same time take a sip of regular Diet Dr Pepper and crunch down on the remaining part of your Tootsie Pop. While I appreciate Dr Pepper’s flavour experimentations of the last few years, Berries & Cream is a good one, this new Cherry Chocolate would have to rank at the bottom of all Dr Pepper varieties produced so far.

15 Responses

  1. Noyz I disagree with the Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper! I think it is one of the best flavours they have ever come up with. I love tootsie rolls os maybe that is why I like it so much. Gotta give props to Dr. Pepper for switching things up with the Soda Fountain Classics line or drinks.

    The Minbender Love for sale video is great! That is my favourite Mindbender track so it is great they made a video for that one.

    I have not bought a Ghostface record since Ironman except I bought Factor who is a huge Ghostface fan Supreme Clientelle this year on vinyl. But I have not downloaded any of his albums either. I like when I hear them but not enough to buy it and listen to it on my own time. But he makes some great music that bumps for the club. Reall good house party music.

    Friday Five on it I love it!

  2. love this little bit

    that bug thing is scary shit. slash disgusting slash. im going into hibernation.

  3. If they had plans for a non-diet version i would like it a lot more, i’ve always hated the taste of aspartame. It’s still a decent Dr Pepper flavor, but not as good as the others. I can’t see it being popular enough to become a regular flavour, like what happened with the cherry vanilla. It sucks that they stopped producing berries & cream.

  4. It sucks they introduce em for a short time and then they are gone. But it is dope they have introduced the soda fountain classic line and continue to bring forth new flavours. It is even better they are available in Canada! I wish they would bring back Dr. Pepper Red Fusion. That is my all time favourite flavour variation of Dr. Pepper. However nothing beats the og Dr. Pepper with 23 Flavours to make you pay like MJ!

    Bring back O’Ryans Sour Cream and Onion Chips (that’s right the ones in the green bags) and Doritos Salsa Rio and then we are set!

  5. I think it’s also worth mentioning that they got the Chocolate Rain guy to do the new dr pep add… along with a shitty rapper. but nonetheless, Chocolate Rain was the dopest track of 07. and I will argue that to the grave.

  6. I like this write up. I hope it continues. Mindbender’s video is dope, really good quality – I like the visual effects – and the hook is spectacular.

    I haven’t been able to try the soda yet, I’ve heard mixed reviews. I’m a huge fan of Diet Dr. Pepper these days but it’s hard to find.

    I still remember Chaps birthday when he couldn’t find a 7-11 that had fountain Dr Pepper, that was brutally funny.

  7. Fuckin Bot-Fly’s freak me out…and i love insects. But flea’s & tick’s are what give me the heebie jeebies(no anti-semi).

  8. i seen that bug shit, scary as fuck.

    i’m all over one of those coffee machines, but no amount of money will buy some gear to make better shit than a proper ibrik

  9. ive been a loyal dr.pepper customer for quite some time, especially in big gulp format. however this new flavor concoction is basicly dog balls in a can. i think it was the first time i ever willfully dumped out a properly chilled beverage

    ps. bring back mexican chilli chips

  10. i love dr pepper. i dont understand why these new innnovative and probably awesome flavors have been married with the poison known as apsartame.

    i only get down with the real time shit….

    That’s the shit!

    Big thanks to Chaps for hooking me up with the newest DDP flavour. I love that I have good friends like that who know how much of a fiend I am for new diet soda flavours (ddp being the best of them).