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September 5, 2008

Herve and A-Trak – “Roll With The Winners” (Feat. Cadence Weapon) [mp3]

Collaboration between A-Trak and UK producer Herve, featuring Cadence Weapon. [via Jacuzzi Killers]

Herve and A-Trak – “Roll With The Winners” (Feat. Cadence Weapon)

14 Responses

  1. ahah!

    this is awesome!

    heywoods a hater ahahaha!

    beat is funky!

  2. I love this track!

    Hiphop needs to evolve to stay strong and I love what A-Trak, Herve’, and Cadence are doin.

  3. evolve into techno music???
    because that’s what this is.
    i can smell the vicks vapo rub.

  4. cadence actually rhymes really good here, i gotta admit, good structure flow and rhymes buuuut i’m with heywood this shit is terrible. terrible! argghhhhhhhhhhhh what gay ass beat

  5. I think I recorded this verse… and for those that don’t know – Rollie is a fucking pro in the studio!! very impressive

    not feeling this beat though

  6. Haha, all the hip hop heads on here hating on the house beats. Fair enough, we all have our tastes. Personally, I think this tracks bumps hard.