September 1, 2011

Hobs Sputnik – Satellite Strange

Hobs Sputnik - Satellite Strange

New album from Winnipeg’s Hobs Sputnik. Featuring Tame One, Xoloxanxinxo, Neila, Akuma, Megabusive, Noah23, Debmaster, Big Bear, Royal-T, Zoen, Nomar Slevik and many others.

13 Responses

    1. if every rapper on there had a different cadence, voice and lyrical style i’m curious as to what you feel sounded similar between them? There’s not another rapper on earth who sounds like Hobs Sputnik, Noah23, Xoloxanxinxo, ext. so maybe you forgot to turn “repeat” off on your media player. idk. It’s impossible to a make an argument that me and Sputnik’s verses were any way similar to anyone else’s. I just can’t see how someone would come to that conclusion if they really listened to the album. that’s like saying a bag of Skittles is all grey, Musical colorblindness. It’s cool you at least skimmed through it though. Much love

  1. This whole album feels new and very well put together. Every track offers something different and exciting. this album is progress in Hip-Hop.

  2. This message is toward Grizzly Adams, if you have dropped something better than this album I’d really like to hear what you’re bringing to the table, that supposedly Hobs is not. This album was very diverse and did not sound the same at all.

    Hobs, I was very proud to be on this album.

  3. eh yo grizzly, we need haters like you out there. So thank you for your horse shit, you just make everyone look more dope.
    This album kills, Mr. Sputnik!!! good work

  4. This album is Dope and ahead of it’s time!!!
    Top notch production and heavy rhymes and Hard hitting beats! (BLAOW)
    I’m Glad i could be a part of this!
    Much Respect to Hob’s, Paramanu and Evreyone Else on this Dope Album!

  5. thanks for the hate and love. If people think these tracks sound the same, I feel sorry for their lack of taste in good music. Then again why feel sorry if we feel good about it. Haters give me passion and inspiration. You`re the biggest ingredient to keep us going. I thank you from the bottom of my temporarely cold heart. lol. Thumbs up 😉