April 19, 2018

Homeboy Sandman & Edan #NeverUseTheInternetAgain

Homeboy Sandman & Edan album coming 2018!

I used to waste time scrolling through my Facebook wall
20 minutes of my life I could never get back
Couple times a day, before I knew I’d lost an hour
Productivity’d be far away like Okinawa
Facebook friends are not my real amigos
Checking for comments and shares jacking off my ego
Anything to get a fu*kin “like”
One day I decided I should get a fu*kin life
Social networks are not the only infection
GPS be fu*kin up cats’ sense of direction
Thought your navigation skills had to be fly
You ain’t know left from right when your battery died
The homies in your posse all be waiting
But you too busy checking Tumblr porno masturbating
Maybe you should be a better friend
Never use the internet again

Everyday the bullsh*t worsen
Order a pizza like a fu*kin person
Match.com like an online pimp
Step to a girl in real life, you fu*kin wimp
Internet journalism, here’s what you’re gonna find
Everyone who can’t get paid for it does it online
Most of the ones online that’s getting paid suck too
Fu*k you!!
I swear I’m about to muthafu*kin lose it
YouTube has ads on all the best music
For all the worst music
YouTube Awards? Did you forget? You can’t have awards you’re the fu*kin internet!
The sh*t is like a muthafu*kin drug
That all goes away if I pull the fu*kin plug
Put your faith in something on which you can depend
Never use the internet again