Sep 17, 2008

Id Obelus – The Inevitable Crushing EP


Id Obelus - The Inevitable Crushing EP

New Ep from Winamac, Indiana’s Id Obelus. The Inevitable Crushing features Nomar Slevik, Noah23, Oblio, Logic One, Audio88, DJ Bizkid, Zoen, and many more. Get it here.

1. Addicted feat. Hosana
2. Divide feat. Audio88
3. Captain Hipster
4. the Who Knew feat. Nomar Slevik
5. the Amplification of Amputation feat. Noah23 and Oblio
6. Wicked feat. Benjamin Bear
7. Digits vs. Alphabet feat. Logic One
8. Unlucky

For more info on Id Obelus:
SIQ Records


  1. Avatar Chaps

    Dope! His last cd was sick!

  2. Ha ha ha… A track with Benjamin Bear, eh? Looking forward to hearing that, and the one with Noah 23 also…

    Dude is definitely doing his own thing…

  3. Benjamin Bear KILLS it on that track

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