June 28, 2010

Ill Mondo – Be Bad

Download Be Bad Pt. 1 & 2: circleintosquare.com/item/be-bad

Free two part mix from SF bay area production duo, Ill Mondo (JRK and Johnny Red).

Ill Mondo gather their inspiration from both 70’s soul and rock as well as classic 90’s hip hop. Be Bad Pt 1 is premium soul and hip hop all the way: starting out at a fairly mellow 80 bpm and ending up at a speedy 120 bpm, this mix is pure dancefloor. Pt 2 is a funky traditional Middle Eastern belly dance style mixed with all kinds of drums including original MPC patterns, classic break beats and gem samples. Great for DJs and regular ol’ music appreciators alike, Ill Mondo has perfected the theory of mega mixes.


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