September 12, 2011

Infinito 2017

Infinito 2017
Hailing from south side Chicago, Marcellous Lovelace aka Infinito 2017 has been in the trenches paying dues for nearly 2 decades. In his early days he recorded on a four-track and used pause button looping techniques. Now with a discography of over 120 releases under various pseudonyms, he is quite possibly the windy cities most prolific. He has recorded with Oddisee, Molemen, Qwazaar and Breez Evaflowin to name a few.

In addition to keeping busy in the recording studio, he’s also known to grace the canvas, and has earned a reputation as nationally renowned fine artist. He studied at the University of Memphis earning a Bachelor of Arts and Communications, and is working on a Masters of Fine Arts. His art aims to raise awareness of the social struggle that still faces many African Americans to this day, promote self awareness, and celebrate the beauty of African people and culture. Infinito recently took a break from his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

What are your crew affiliations?? ?

I’m affiliated mainly with myself and Joe Left Hand Records / Nephew of Frank Records. I’m family with Fatnice who is my cousin, Cool D who help me with a lot of promo and Thaione Davis he’s like the main studio / producer I work with that’s about it. Most of my side projects are very incognito and mysterious dealings I have many people I work with but only a few I feel respect me and what I do and vice versa. My new album Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears is an example of tapping into my many resources to create my projects; I don’t claim many people though, peace to my brother Marlon also. where you can go to sites like itunes, bandcamp, emusic etc… to see videos I’ve directed and edited or co-directed.

What first inspired you to become a rapper?

My cousin Derrick aka Fatnice, he is an inspirational figure in my creative development. He was one of the few people I grew up with besides my other cousin Mark they both use to tell me to follow my thoughts. Don’t work with people who don’t share the same values. Also music from Run Dmc, BDP, Big Daddy Kane, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Common Sense, Sade, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, X Clan and so many similar people.

Why do you release some projects under your born name and others under the alias? ? ?

I do this to never spread myself thin and because so many of my projects come from a different part of my heart. I create from the place I’m at, during that time in my life. Its all just an experience that I’m channelling from within, and I also do this because so many people can’t and they don’t know how to love themselves and what they do. I love myself and what I do and I also do this for those that are to lazy to complete thoughts, I have to use that energy also to be my own Energy source. Conquest of The Moor is coming out next year!

You are a great painter too, how is do you find doing visual art compared to music?

I started painting when I was about 8 years old, it’s a normal progression based self determination and my own work ethic. It’s the same as music to me because I’m able to tap into both areas at the same time. When I’m painting and listening to music… also doing my art while recording. I love the two equally, it’s my passion.

With Out Condoms by Marcellous Lovelace (2010)
With Out Condoms by Marcellous Lovelace (2010)

How do you find it different? 

I don’t find it any different; it’s the same amount of effort in each. I hear people tell me unrealistic ignorant logic about doing one creative goal or another. I never found it hard to do more than ten things at a time because I’m able, its easy.

You attended University in Memphis; the birthplace of so much good music. How was living there and did it inspire and differences in your creative process from living in Chicago???

No not at all! Memphis did not motivate me to do anything, but get as far away from Memphis and go as possible on a regular basis. Being in Memphis had no inspiration towards anything creative for me. Most of my inspiration comes from my family and being able to travel around and see multiple places all over. Its a lot of great musicians from Memphis that leave a great legacy in all forms of music. Chicago on the South Side has my heart and is the true essence of creativity for me but as I’ve grown the world has taken that place. ? 

Infinito 2017

What makes Chicago hip hop unique?

It’s unique because the place is distinctively separate and segregated. It creates an atmosphere that breeds individualism mixed with separation. I think it’s because of the many areas and those mentalities they live in. Where I’m from in Chicago it’s locked away from social life and people getting along on a regular basis. 

Who are some other Chicago artists we should be checking for?

Don’t know any nowadays. I just deal with my family, Chicago is home but that’s it; go to to find out more. Music now is ok but its not real; people don’t even work, they are mainly media hype and promotional acts. No leg work!

Your discography is massive, what keeps you motivated to work so hard?? ?

What keeps me motivate comes from within, I think the fact that my family comes from the bottomed out South and worked there way through a racist world, and downtrodden individuals in the process of development gives me all the motivation I will ever need. That inner love and power helps me to keep myself elevated.

What are some essential tips for being a successful independent artist?

Mainly I’d say don’t sell yourself short to exist, no ones perfect, find your voice / sound, love yourself and what you do, stay away from snakes, don’t entertain egotistical or arrogance, know your trade, be positive, do the music for the love — because when you don’t love, it will not work. Create your own image, don’t bite, because to me if you are looking to find yourself you really don’t exist. Mainly, remain self-sufficient while being independent.

Where can we find out more?

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