January 2, 2010

Isaiah Toothtaker – Yiggy

Isaiah Toothtaker – Yiggy

New free Isaiah Toothtaker album for download. Features production by Subtitle, Sixtoo aka Megasoid, Meaty Ogre, Eligh, and more!

Download: http://www.divshare.com/download/9986142-91d

Track Listing:
1. Pressure (Prod. by Subtitle)
2. On the Outies (Prod. by Subtitle)
3. I gotcha Featuring Mestizo (Prod. by Meaty Ogre)-HUMANSUIT
4. Magna Carta (Prod. by Masque Anonymous)
6. T.T.T. (Prod. by Eric Steuer of Meanest Man Contest)
7. Revenge (Prod. by Jamie Laurie)
8. Who am I? (Prod. by Magi aka TS)
9. Werewolfing Featuring Zackey Force Funk & Crime (Prod. by MEGASOID)
10. FUCK 2009 (Prod. by Eligh of Living Legends)
11. The shark’s in my mouth (Interlude)
12. Still ill (Prod. by Subtitle)
13. BassFace (Prod. by MEGASOID)
14. Not really (Prod. by Jacob Safari)

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