Jan 12, 2011

Isaiah Toothtaker – “Intruder” video


New Isaiah Toothtaker track, produced by Jacob Safari, from the full length album Illuminati Thug Mafia, releasing January 25 on Machina Muerte / Alpha Pup. Top right & bottom left screens filmed by FrenchKind & Edited by Isaiah Toothtaker. Top left screen animated by SerpDot. Bottom right screen edited by Walter Gross.

Isaiah Toothtaker of MACHINA MUERTE, infamous rapper, convicted multiple felon, over 400 witnessed bare knuckle street fights, founder & co-owner of the prestigious tattoo parlor Staring Without Caring will release his new full length ILLUMINATI THUG MAFIA out January 25th. Featuring MURS, Mestizo, HUMANSUIT, Zackey Force Funk, Lucky.I.Am, CRIME KILLZ, Lush One, Cadalack Ron, Rheteric, Alex Pathetic, & SerpDot. With production from Mainframe (Johnson&Jonson), Jacob Safari (Wavves), CRIME KILLZ, Eligh (Living Legends), Kid Static, LouisahHH, Masque Anonymous, The Briefcase, & Nick Sena.



  1. Avatar eppstein

    ahhh that bed intruder shit killed it.

  2. Alright this guy gots my attention. Who is he / where do i peep more?

  3. Ahh website at the bottom

  4. Avatar chris plus

    cool song

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