April 24, 2009

Ivan Ives – “All The Love That I Wasted” video

New Ivan Ives video from Newspeak, dropping May 19th.

40 Responses

  1. Thats a real nice beat… but I’m still on the fence with this guy. I won’t deny that he has some skill, but there are some serious drawbacks to his style and his ‘rap-isms’ – something about him doen’t sit right with me.

  2. better than the helicopter song but this time instead of imitating lil wayne he sounds like slug

  3. LMFAO since when is blonde a race…last time i checked…it was a hair color wow ..amazing

    1. There are entire countries filled with almost all blonde haired people, Netherlands, Poland, etc… If someone said they hate people with black hair you don’t think that sounds racist?

    1. I bet you like non white girls with their hair dyed blonde. wait a minute aren’t you a white blonde haired devil cracker yourself?

  4. So if im a wigger, what are you cam. A black man trynig to be white?…whats that called? LOL

  5. an oreo probably. but im not caught up on trying to be anything, im just myself cuz that’s better than basically everything else lol. i dont have to pretend i didnt grow up around 80% white people for rap’s sake. oh and i wouldnt call you a wigger if you didnt hate on your own race, wigger…

    1. So just denie your roots for ever! thats a good look Cam

      white-washed is the new in thing anyways.

      I guess you could call me a- “brown washed, arab cultured, hip hop dressing white boy”- and ill admit that shit WHOLE-HEARTED!!!! fuck everything!

    2. lol, what do you know about me? dont hate on people just because of how they look, makes you a bigot whatever the fuck else you are.

      youre fucking literally retarded lol. good luck with that.

  6. his tone kinda sounds like Lingo’s

    and for the record, I’d lay a hurtin on that blonde white bitch for at least 45 seconds

  7. 1. Where’s the 100 foot monster wreaking havok?
    2. LS: What does you not liking blondes have anything to do with whether or not blondes should be in a hip hop video? I think that comment is what got people going.
    3. I think it moved when she was cd shopping.

  8. there ain’t nada wrong wit having a blonde in your vid. All women add something nice to a video!

    1. hahah not even. i just dont like blondes hahah plus its funny to watch all yall defend them LMAO.

  9. lol.

    endub ‘arab cultured’.

    waving a Palestinian flag around.

    i think you are the most confused wigger ever.

  10. hilarious, the ironic thing is LS is blonde(dirty) & spam the gizz is equally ignorant when he responds!

    funny shit.

  11. reading endubs confused banter posted in this thread just had me laughing out loud. “arab cultured” hahahahahahahaha