Feb 28, 2011

Xzircles & Aamir (Escape Artists) Double Album


New double CD by Escape Artists members Xczircles and Aamir. Packaged together, Xczircles – Swan Storm and Aamir – The Quiet After the Storm, are out now on Ooohh! That’s Heavy Records and will be in selected retailers soon. To purchase it direct, email aamiry at gmail.com.

Disc 1: Xczircles – Swan Storm
1. Edge Of My Bed
2. Just A Ride
3. Ate Up (feat. Rifleman (Ellay Khule))
4. Obstacles
5. Toy Video (feat. Mike Ladd)
6. World Round
7. Onni (feat. Wormhole)
8. Sleepeasy
9. Correspondence (feat. Ahmuse / Thesis Sahib)
10. The Product
11. Sketch Artist
12. Heavy Handed
13. City Of Lights (feat. 2Mex / Aamir / Bigg Jus / Geneva B / K-The-I???)
14. We Burn The Same
15. Dementia
16. Golden Dream

Disc 2: Aamir – Quiet After the Storm
1. The Birth
2. The Difference (feat. Flux / Generous)
3. Contaminated Energy
4. The Owl And The Crow (feat. Eligh)
5. Reflection
6. Broken Window (feat. Gel Roc / Aceyalone)
7. Stuck In A Maze
8. The Quiet After The Storm (feat. Flux / Generous / Scarub)
9. Sands Of Time (feat. Generous / Maylay Sage / Cognition / Gel Roc / Flux / Trex / Xczircles / Ivan Ives / Ceschi / All Deadly Jizzm / Riddlore? / Ellay Khule)
10. No Destination
11. Together Forever
12. Love Goddess (feat. Myka 9)
13. Feel The Sun (feat. Bahati / Natalie)
14. Opposite (feat. Awol One / Xczircles)
15. Oh So Blue
16. The Laughter Within


  1. Nice! What ever happened to the rest of the escape artists? I can’t think of her name, but there was a female rapper who was really dope.

  2. Ahmuse. Yeah, I miss her participation in EA too. She was on some of Aamir’s last album, I believe, but not on the Escape Artists’ album. I know at one point she was in school, but I’m not sure if that is still the case. I hope she’s on the next EA album, and she needs her own solo album just like the rest…

  3. Avatar Aamir

    Thank you Noyz319 for putting this up and thank you UGSMAG for the support.


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