MC Homeless – Still Trapped (2004 – 2009)

New old album from MC Homeless, featuring rarities and collaborations with Thavius Beck, Riddlore, Zoen, Swordplay, K-the-I???, Maki and more.

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Xzircles & Aamir (Escape Artists) Double Album

New double CD from Escape Artists' Xzircles & Aamir; featuring Aceyalone, Myka 9, Awol One, Eligh, Scarub, Bigg Jus, 2Mex, Ellay Khule, Riddlore?, Gel Roc, Mike Ladd, Ceschi, K-the-I???, Thesis Sahib and more!

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MC Homeless – Still Trapped

New from MC Homeless, a collection of low-fi, unreleased, compilation tracks spanning from 2005-2009. Featuring K-the-I???, Riddlore?, Maki, Geneva B, Zoen, Nomar Slevik and more.

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MC Homeless – Trapped Under an Ohio Sky [free download]

MC Homeless - Trapped Under an Ohio SkyIn celebration of the upcoming May release of the MC Homeless split 12" with Homicide, Matt Homeless has decided to let people download his album Trapped Under an Ohio Sky for free. The album features Ceschi, K-the-I???, Oblio (of the Dreadnots), Geneva B and more. Download it for free from the dis.eased website.

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Escape Artists – Mass w/o Mass 12″ EP

New 12-inch Picture Disc EP from the Escape Artists. This is the second record from the new label, Ooohh! Thats Heavy, ...

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