January 21, 2009

Junk Science – “Running Shoes”

Junk Science - “Running Shoes” Download it here.

“Running Shoes” is the first in a series of free downloads from Brooklyn hip-hop duo Junk Science. Group members Baje One and Snafu are building towards the release of their 3rd studio album, A Miraculous Kind Of Machine. Here are some words from Baje One about the new song:

“I think I basically spent a lot of time during the last 8 years, really the majority of my 20’s, wishing the aliens would just beam me up already. Not to blame it on Bush and them, but let’s face it, it hasn’t been the most inspiring 8 years in American history. On the night that Obama won, we hit the streets and rocked out like the word ‘whoooo!’ was going to be outlawed the next day.”

“As we drank beers in Fort Greene that night, I realized that here was a party worth inviting the aliens down for. A real deal human celebration. That it wasn’t about ‘beam me up’ anymore, that it was about ‘come on down.’ Just the possibility alone that things could be different than they were before, that was enough for me. So that’s where this song comes from. It’s an Obama song that has nothing to do with politics.”

“I like the title ‘Running Shoes’ because to me it represents two opposing but connected ideas. On one hand, running shoes are empowering, they allow you to move, to get to new places, like wings. On the other hand, running shoes could be what you use to escape from reality: drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, etc.”

“So for me this song is really about the crossroads, the Ides, the night before something new. A song for the brief intermission. I hope you like it.”


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