Sep 30, 2008



You’ve heard Junkyard meeting rappers over the phone, now in this video feature we give you an intimate view of his little world. Become friends with Junkyard on myspace and keep up to date with exclusive journal entries and other antics.


  1. hahahahha.

    he seems like a multidimensional character 😛



  3. ceej

    ahahha good work fellas! junkyard actually seems pretty lovable.

  4. Kazzr

    Holy shit! I had no idea that this dude actually existed! I thought it was just a voice Nato made…

  5. Dvice

    need to do a “junkyard meets Cee!!!!!!!!” episode

  6. Balzac

    that was the funniest shit i’ve ever seen.

    good job.

    i love that beer bong.

  7. Bruno Samartino


    I think Im just gonna have to come up to the Chuk, get drunk with the JYD then get some exercise in on the outdoor elliptical

  8. “I’m carrying the beer…you’re sucking the cock!”
    Classic. FUCKING classic.

  9. I agree 100 percent with Dvice there needs to be a Cee!!!!!!!!!! meets Junkyard. someone would need to tranlsate though


    I’ve tried to get Cee!!!!!!! for an episode… no luck… somebody help me

  11. Chaps


  12. max prime

    amazing. that dressed up for a funeral bit was awesome

  13. Manaz

    this was fuckin hilarious.

  14. i tried to front cause jon’s a weiner, but this is just fucking awesome!


  15. you might need to talk to moves nato.

    i know theyre both out in halifax again, last i heard, and moves was advocating his adventures on futility a few weeks ago.

  16. Jar3tt

    Well played!

  17. tOUCh

    hahahhahahaa “I get an organism” awesome

  18. hahhaaahaaa!
    i’ll probably end up like junkyard.
    it doesn’t look so bad in that shed.

  19. kwaz

    yeah!! my old hood. ive bought hundreds of 40’s at that store. and the bigfoot…. never actually been in there. never really needed to with the inglewood right next door. but props to jyd for reppin that shit

  20. Dvice

    i can get cee!!!!!!!!’s number to whoever needs it
    email me
    [email protected]

  21. Slotter

    Jesus, so funny hahaha

  22. Slotter

    He looks like the joker

  23. crueltonobody

    not sure why exploiting a person who has an obvious addiction to alcohol is funny… actually it isn’t. but hey after filming i’m sure it felt nice to climb into your nice warm bed. good job lads



    you don’t know anything about this… Junkyard is my dear friend. If you want to discuss this matter any further you can email me at [email protected] but don’t expect the holier than thou attitude to be tolerated

  25. Yah no shit, way to give the guy a place to live Nato you asshole.

  26. chris plus

    hey crueltonobody, if you feel so strongly against what Nato is doing, then feel free to build the JYD a shed and let him squat in your backyard, fuckin loser

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