• Jesse Dangerously

    We caught up with the Halifax rap legend in Montreal earlier this year to capture some live performance and find out more about his new album/book, ‘Humble & Brilliant.’

  • Muneshine

    Video feature of us catching up with clandestinely prolific producer/rapper Rob “Muneshine” Bakker.

  • Thesis Sahib

    We caught up with the multi-talented Thesis Sahib for a video feature before one of his live shows in Montreal last month, part of his ‘Before the End’ book and album launch tour.

  • Thrust

    Catching up and talking Canadian rap history in this video feature with veteran Toronto emcee Thrust.

  • UGSMAG SXSW 2009 Videos

    We didn’t pull out the camera as often as we should have this trip, but here is quick view of some …

  • Junkyard

    You’ve heard Junkyard meeting rappers over the phone, now in this video feature we give you an intimate view of his little world.

  • DJ Weezl

    Video feature with Edmonton’s infamous Weezl, revealing a glimpse into his life on the road as Cadence Weapon’s DJ and more.

  • Modulok (Red Ants)

    Modulok (Red Ants)Video feature with Modulok via satellite from Toronto as he discusses his group Red Ants, their new album Omega Point and his new documentary project.

  • Off Centre DJ School

    Off Centre DJ SchoolVideo feature on Toronto’s Off Centre DJ School, featuring it’s founder Steptone, who is also one half of the turntable band iNSiDEaMiND.

  • Poizunus

    UGSMAG video feature on Toronto based beatboxer Poizunus (Scribble Jam 2007 Beatbox Champion).

  • Side Road Records + Friends

    We hook up with Factor, Joe Dub, Giovanni Marks (aka Subtitle), Nolto, Cam the Wizzard, Forgetful Jones, Ben.e, Advokit (NonStatus) and Ira Lee.

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